A green paradise and visual treat for the eyes, these are the characteristics that make up the Forest City Malaysia project. As a labor of love, Forest City vertical greenery features a scenic green city that brings cutting edge technology and environmental values to the table. Offering real estate opportunities for working and living space, Forest City Malaysia brings forth a solution for ecofriendly environmental structures.

Forest City Malaysia is a sustainable project from a joint effort between County Garden Group and a subsidiary of Johor government, Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd (EDSB). Changing the narrative on the way we build our cities, governments, businesses, and domains, Forest City vertical greenery is innovative in its appeal as well as paving the way for more ecofriendly structures.



Implementing futuristic concepts and designs, Forest City Malaysia will be comprised of man-made islands that will be about 30 kilometers. These islands will be independent as a community that brings a fresh perspective on urban landscapes and ingrains specific principles as guidelines for the ideal environment to live in. Country Garden Pacific View has created optimal privacy and security elements so Forest City will be a safe haven. The government and industries that reside here will be completely exclusive to Forest City Malaysia for the utmost competency.

As part of an incentive for economic growth, the Forest City efforts is a large-scale motive to bring more industrial traffic to ASEAN communities. Industries such as Country Garden that ranks amongst one of the 500 largest public companies according to Forbes magazine. With Forest City Malaysia, they are taking the world by storm with their individual community construction practices. Building on this notion, Country Garden will continue this practice in destinations like Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


With today’s growing concerns over the environment and minimizing our carbon footprint, we look for ways to expand this towards other areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, and now construction. Forest City encompasses a vertical greenery that will push the envelope when it comes to design. Thanks to Sasaki, a firm that designed the blueprint for Forest City vertical greenery structure, an overwhelmingly huge portion of the city will be dedicated to nature. Forming symbiosis with the city structure itself, as well as in conjunction with the transportation services, Forest City vertical greenery is in a league of its own.

Solar powered and energy efficient services will be the emphasize our sustainability mission. Another Forest City Social Contribution effort is the smart system administered within each aspect of the city itself. This smart system will be featured in public transportation, waste productivity, water productivity, cyber security, and other public services in Forest City vertical greenery. Energy saving tools can assist in minimizing gas and fossil fuels which contribute to the collapsing ecosystem. Forest City Malaysia will use a light rail system for transportation that will encourage the extinction of car usage in the city, although there will be parking for vehicles. This will be a huge contribution to environmental causes and sustenance.


Forest City Malaysia is a city brimming with exciting opportunities, environmental elements, and booming economic opportunities. Unique structural design, high-tech systems, and its vertical greenery enhance the experience while making Forest City a revolutionary place to reside or have a business in.

Encouraging others to leave pollutants and live according to our planet’s health is a way of the future. Forest City Malaysia is a step in the right direction and gives a breathtaking look at a definitive approach to environmentalism at its finest. Country Garden proudly presents Forest city, a place that will be the blueprint for a brighter future.