6 Tips for Selling Land to Developers

Selling land can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially when you have the chance to sell to both commercial and residential developers. The only complication is that it can be difficult to sell a plot of land in a competitive market. However, with the right developer, the reward can be great, which is why you need to go into the process equipped with expertise and foresight.

Here are six tips to help you sell land fast and increase your odds of closing the deal and finding the perfect land buyer for your property.

  1. Get In Touch with an Agent

 Although some land owners think that listing their property online is enough to catch a developer’s interest, the reality is that you need a strategy that approaches the sale from multiple perspectives. Real estate agents are an important tool when it comes to finding the right land buyer for your property because they know the area as well as the market trends. Working with a qualified, and experienced real estate agent can mean the difference between selling your property with a short turnaround time or having it sit on the market for months, and potentially even years.

One important thing to consider is doing your research on your chosen real estate agent before getting in too deep. Not every agent is well versed in selling land to developers, so be sure to work together with your agent to get your property listed in the appropriate locations and maximize your chances of landing a buyer.

  1. List Your Land Online

On top of working with a real estate agent, it’s crucial to get your listing out there in as many ways and as many locations as possible. While most land is listed on land development websites, think out of the box with other creative listing opportunities like social media, Ebay, and Craigslist. The wider net you cast, the more likely you are to reach a potential buyer. Whether for commercial or residential lots, listing your premium property for sale in Townsville online is sure to lead to great networking and other opportunities.

  1. Be Aware of What Your Land is Zoned For

Developers don’t want to have to jump through hoops to get their plot of land approved for their building project. Set yourself up for success in the selling market by getting in touch with your local Building and Planning Department to determine what your land is already zoned for and what can legally be built there. While it’s possible to appeal for changes in the zoning plan, it’s often far easier to sell the land to the right land buyer based on the type of project they’re looking to invest in. Knowing what your land is zoned for will help you narrow down your list of prospective buyers and successfully engage in a competitive market by having an upper hand.

  1. Focus on Expansion Potential

Regardless of whether your land is zoned for commercial or residential development, land developers are always looking for ways to expand their project and keep the money flowing. That means if your property is too small or not in a location poised for growth, they might pass over it for other parcels.

To make your offer more enticing, take on the mindset of the developers. If there’s land near your property, consider making an upfront investment by purchasing it and expanding your plot. That way, when land buyers come knocking at your door, you’ll have plenty to offer.

  1. Follow the Path of Construction

Even if you have a beautiful plot of land in a scenic area, that’s not always enough to convince developers to buy. Aside from aesthetics, developers are looking for areas that have a profitable track record or a promise of an up-and-coming location. Amongst the long list of considerations, some of the most important include things like school districts, crime rates, traffic, median housing incomes, and financial incentives for developers in that area. Being aware of construction growth around your property can help you position yourself for a good deal.

  1. Build Connections with Networking

The power of networking can’t be underestimated when it comes to finding the right person to buy land in your area. While getting your listing online and working with a real estate agent are great ways to get your land out there, you might get lucky with some networking and in-person connections. You never know if the person whose hand you’re shaking will end up buying your land or passing on the info to someone else who might be interested.

With the right insight and a little bit of patience, you can find a land buyer for your property in no time. Just be sure to follow the tips listed above for the best chances at success.