Container Van House Pros and Cons in Philippines

Container van house is a modular structure of demountable buildings that is widely used in the Philippines for large site housing or site offices due to its low cost, ease of installation and short construction cycle. But is container housing a good choice? Here are the pros and cons you need to consider.


Pros of Container Van House:

Flexible Design

The container van house designs create the possibility to achieve all kinds of buildings, and it can easily adjust the design based on your requirement in the future. If you need to move the container van room, it can also be moved without assembly and everything keeps inside. The Container House in the Philippines can meet your needs on the tight time schedule and strict design requirements.

Quick Assembly

All the components of the portable container house will be finished in our factory. This can prevent the site installation from the delayed due to bad weather. The container house made of container van also requires fewer workers than traditional buildings; most projects can be finished in several weeks.

Low Cost

The modular container van house is a cost-effective solution for temporary house use, suitable for repeat use. Since all the production is finished in the factory, the construction process will be shorter on the site. Moreover, everything that refers to design is confirmed before production so the material will not waste so much.


Cons of Container Van House:

Structural Issues

While container van homes are sturdy, their roofs and wall panels are vulnerable, requiring the installation of a secondary roof or canopy if you’re in an area with a lot of rain and snow. In addition, when combining multiple boxes to build a larger structure, the splices will need to be reinforced.

Insulation Issues

The wall panel thickness of container house is usually 50mm/75mm/100mm, if your area is very cold, you need to add external wall panel outside to make your partition thicker, so that you can insulate the container house well. This also means that the cost will increase.

Exterior and Interior Space is Limited

Container houses come in standard lengths of 20ft and 40ft, which means that the exterior shape will be limited when multiple boxes are combined. In addition, after the container house is installed, the interior space is only 8ft high, and there may not be enough headroom for taller people.

Installation Concerns

Container homes are still unfamiliar in some areas and most contractors are not familiar with the structure of container homes, so they may not be skilled enough to install them on site. Therefore, you should find a container house supplier with after-sales service and installation guidance.



Before you want to build a site housing out of a prefab container house, you first need to know if it is really right for you. But as far as durability is concerned, a container house is better than a wooden house. We hope we can help you make the right decision for your project construction.

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