6 Tools You Need to Make a Great Digital Marketing Strategy

To take your digital marketing game plan to the next level, you need to be armed with the proper arsenal for every challenge you’ll face. If you don’t have any of that, then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of great tools that can help you build a decent digital marketing strategy. From graphics creation to lead generation, these instruments will help you get started. Let’s get cracking!


Sprout Social

Social media is a great place to build new connections (and cultivate current ones) with your potential clients. So make sure you factor it in while making a digital marketing strategy. To manage your social media handles more effectively, you need to rely on decent social media marketing tools. Luckily, Sprout Social offers that and more!

With Sprout Social you’ll be able to organize your business’ online platforms and content calendar. This social media management platform also allows you to schedule and publish your content across multiple social media accounts. This makes the entire task easier, and it helps you focus your time on more important matters.



Though many think it’s an outdated technique, email marketing is still a great way to reach out to your target audience. Tried and tested on multiple occasions, it will help expand your business’ influence and reach. Therefore, your email marketing tools must be able to aid your digital marketing strategy and help it reach the top.

Among the many email marketing tools out there, Moosend is the most user-friendly and the most affordable.  From simple email automations to codeless digital marketing campaigns, this tool has it all. Plus, you can take advantage of its landing page features if you went for the software’s paid version.



As the digital marketing industry becomes more and more competitive, you need to boost your website’s searchability as well. To that end, there are plenty of SEO marketing tools that can help you make sure your site ranks high on Google, Youtube, and other big search engine platforms. However, only a few of them could go toe to toe with Ahrefs.

From brainstorming keyword ideas to capturing new ranking opportunities, Ahrefs will spur your digital marketing strategy to success. It features a site explorer that lets you check your target URL’s most used organic keywords. And as an added bonus, the platform will help you analyze your competitors by measuring the traffic their site receives, as well as find their top performing content and backlink sources.



In the digital marketing arena, it’s one thing to reach out to your target audience and quite another to convert them into customers. Every detail counts if you want to increase your business’ conversion rate. By getting the right conversion optimization software, you’ll prep up your digital marketing strategy to convert more people. 

One conversion optimization tool you can rely on is Unbounce. Developed to improve a website’s landing pages, it will help you win more people for your brand. From variant analytics to A/B testing, it will help you identify the page elements that are working (and those that don’t), and tweak them accordingly.



At the same time, you need to better understand your target audience if you want to convert them into customers. To accomplish that, your digital marketing strategy needs to be able to gather key information about your audience. Thankfully, business intelligence tools like Clearbit exist to aid you during your outbound marketing pushes.

Relying on more than 100 sources, Clearbit can help you make up-to-date profiles of your target audience. This will ease your outreach efforts considerably. Notable details gathered include the company your leads are working with, what role they play there, and the company size, among others. The best part is, the platform updates itself regularly to ensure their data stays fresh.



A person’s attention span is relatively short, so your digital marketing strategy needs to put in a lot of effort just to reel in leads. Other than crafting interesting articles and landing pages, you need platforms that will help you capture your audience’s attention. Otherwise, visitors will leave your website and all that traffic will go to waste. OptiMonk is a great tool to try.

OptiMonk’s platform allows you to grab customers’ attention, as well as minimize the distraction caused by personalized pop-ups. It comes with a unique algorithm that enables it to monitor your target audience’s behavior. This helps you win customers more effectively. With this amazing lead capturing tool, your digital marketing campaigns will become more people-oriented than ever before.


Wrapping Up

Having the right tools will help you create a fantastic digital marketing strategy for your business. By getting them (like the six mentioned above), you’ll have a solid digital marketing campaign that’s primed for success. Come check them out for test-driving and trials to see if they’re great for you.