In almost every home there are different types of fans for use. There are those fans that are used to move the air around the room such as retro table fans, and others are used to blow away hot air from the living room.

Depending on the type of fan one needs, it’s important to consider the efficiency, the movement of the air in the room and also the cooling system that it has.


Some of the type of fans to consider buying is as outlined below;


  1. A fan used for ventilation for health purposes.

A home without ventilation will not be comfortable and healthy, and it’s essential that the house remains well ventilated.

Fans can be used to ensure that the house has quality air circulation, for instance, the ceiling and the bathroom fans will keep the house with the right temperature and there will be no foul smell since air that is not fresh is blown out by the fan.


  1. The Ranger Hoods.

Ranger Hoods are the type of fans that remove any steam from the cooking area. It performs its functions in such a way that it sucks the air to maintain freshness when used in the kitchen areas.


  1. Bathroom Exhaust Fans.

These are fans installed in the bathroom and the primary functions of the fans it to ensure that humidity is blown away and the bathroom remains dry.

By doing this, it helps to reduce any formation of molds in the sensitive areas of the bathroom hence adding value to the bathroom.

Bathroom fan also removes any foul smell that could accumulate and mess up the bathroom.

Before buying the bathroom fan, always ensure that the force of blowing the air and the size to be installed is put into consideration.


  1. Ceiling fan.

The Dogblow says, one of the very efficient and effective fans at home is the ceiling, and they vary in prices and quality depending on the type and the manufacturer.

The beauty of the ceiling fan is that they are fixed and screwed high above where they are not accessed by any person and as such the rate of breakdown is reduced.

They have sealed balls which have magnetic drives which monitor6.  The movement of the fun and ensure that the motion is even to maintain comfort in the house.


  1. The Air Exchangers.

Air exchangers draw fresh air from outside and push away any contaminated air in the living room thereby making the house clean all the time.

The air does not necessarily have to be cold because the fans have heat exchangers that warm the air even before being released in the room.

However, if the outside air is cold, it’s drawn by the exchanger and heated before being released into the room.

It helps to save on costs of buying heaters to warm up the room since it regulates in cold and hot seasons according to the way its set.


  1. Bedroom quiet fans.

Since the bedroom is a place of rest and sleep, the bedroom quiet fans ought to create a comfortable atmosphere efficient enough to enable proper sleep with interventions.

The oscillating fans whose swings regulate as per the way they are set to make it critical in choosing the speed.

Therefore consider the level of the sound that it makes, the time it takes and whether one can time it for a specified period regarding hours and also the distance it needs to be placed from the bed to avoid any interruptions.



Well said and done the type of fan is solely dependent on the user although from research a significant percentage of these fans are the ceiling fans because of the limited movement since they are fixed in one area.

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