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Modern life has made information a necessity. Not so long ago finding out what was going on in our locality, national territory or around the world meant picking up a morning edition of a certain newspaper, listen to the radio or watching the Six O’clock news. However, no longer is it necessary to sit through an hour of news to get to the one or two stories that you really wanted to hear or watch. Now anyone can quickly and easily update themselves about current affairs on any of the topics occurring worldwide with online news. This is due to the exponential growth of internet access and the availability of mobile devices like smartphones, and tablets. Of course, times have changed kids these days won’t comprehend what it means to read a newspaper.  

Although radio and television news are closely focused on what has been programmed to broadcast, online news sites offer so much more. Someone eager to get news can read an infinite number of news events locally and around the world. For a website like, the topics range from Politics, Business, Crime, Sports, Entertainment, Events, Health, Education right up to the foreign news. Online news sites also have Classified Ads just like traditional newspapers.

If you live in Nigeria especially in the northern part of Nigeria where production and distribution of Nigerian newspapers is a slow and cumbersome exercise, getting your news from the internet is your best option. As earlier mentioned is a top Nigerian news website with a simple well-crafted user interface that covers a wide array of topics from political news to educational news both locally and internationally. They say News is a commodity best served hot so for the news savvy-people out there that want to read every available news about the events happening in Nigeria and around the world can sign up to their free newsletter e-mail or SMS subscription. You also get updates on breaking news in Nigeria.

Visit and subscribe for your free dosage of latest Nigeria news and breaking news in Nigeria. Remember you’ve got news at your fingertips so go ahead and read the stories that interest you.

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