While you likely have the medicine cabinet stocked and keep an first aid kit in the car, there may be some additional medical supplies that you should keep on hand. This is especially true if you have some sort of chronic condition or have developed an ailment as you have gotten a little older. From diapers for adults to soothing skin care products, here are six example of supplies you should ensure are always around.


Disposable Eye Patches

Many people think of discount eye patches as something people wear when they have some type of serious eye infection or if the eye is missing altogether. While those are two examples of practical use, consider how a patch can come in handy when you have some sort of minor issue. For example, the patch can protect the eye if you have some type of temporary issue like a stye. Along with preventing the infection from getting worse, they patch also hides the red bump that’s found along the eyelash.


Incontinence Underwear

Many health issues can trigger incontinence. The issue may be short-term and eventually go away once the underlying cause is resolved. At other times, people may develop incontinence and live with it for the rest of their lives. Keeping disposable diapers for adults on hand is a good option.To be safe, stock up on different types of incontinence pads, including overnight diapers, daytime pads, booster pads, and incontinence underwear. Many are designed to prevent leakage as well as control the scent. They are also designed so it’s easy to take along a spare set if you want to go out for the evening.


Medicated Skin Care Products

A number of health issues lead to skin problems. From dryness to conditions that leave the skin rough and constantly red, the problems often leave you with itchy skin that needs attention. That’s where medicated skin care products come into the picture.

Like discount eye patches, these products are ready for use whenever necessary. Opt for one that’s formulated for the type of skin issue you are facing. There are products designed to restore lost nutrients, ease itching, get rid of rashes, and smooth rough skin. If you are incontinent, the right skin care product will also help prevent itching and soreness that can occur after you’ve had an accident.


Disposal Bags

Along with those diapers for adults that you sometimes have to use, keep disposal bags around the home. It doesn’t hurt to keep some in the care as well. They are small enough to fit into a purse or a back pocket. Take them along with a fresh set of disposable undergarments if you plan on being out for the evening. If anything should happen, you can find a restroom, clean up, and then disposed of the soiled underwear in a bad that seals completely and helps to contain the scent.


Eye Drops

Eye drops was not something you needed before, but they certainly come in handy now. With more people doing work that requires they spend hours starting at computer or tablet screens, it’s only natural for the eyes to feel tired and maybe a little dry. Keeping eye drops on hand, especially those that are formulated to restore moisture and soothe red eyes, is a great idea. Keep a bottle at work, on the nightstand, and in the car. If your eyes begin to feel itchy or tired, a couple of drops will make a huge difference.


Athletic Bandages

Your first aid kit already contains several sizes of adhesive bandages that work well for small cuts. What happens if you should sprain an ankle or hurt an elbow? It’s a good idea to add at least a couple of athletic bandages to your home medical supplies. These bandages stretch so that you can wrap the affected area and enjoy greater support. They work well for keeping the joint relatively stable while you are on the way to the doctor. They are also likely to be helpful during your recovery.

What else should you add to your home medical supplies? Take an inventory and try to imagine what sort of supplies would help with any type of issue you are facing. From discount eye patches to various medical creams and lotions, there are products out there that work well and will make life more pleasant. Stock up and make sure you are prepared in advance. All it takes is one event to make the effort worthwhile.