Everyone who wants to drive a commercial vehicle, should have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). Many driving/moving positions require an employee to have this document. In order to get it, one has to complete several steps and requirements. Every state will has different rules and procedures, so make sure you check them before moving forward. In general, students should fill an application, get learner’s permit as soon as possible, then pass requited test.


First Step: Applying To License

  1. Check state’s requirements, such as age, residency and health condition. Each state will have different rules. In most cases, person should be at least 21 y.o to get a CDL. Most states require being a resident of the state for several months.
  2. Choose a specific CDL class depending on vehicle one wants to drive. There are 3 CDL classes for different vehicles: school busses, trucks, tractor trailers. If the person already has a job, he can ask an employer if he needs any particular class.
  3. Receive or purchase the CDL manual and practice as much as possible. There are a lot of tips and similar to exam questions.
  4. Fill the CDL application and bring documents to prove the identity. In all states there is a fee for licence. Having all documentation will save a lot of time.


Second Step: Getting Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP):

Take training classes and become certified as a future CDL driver.


Third Step: Getting The License

 Choose date and apply for the actual test.

  1. Pass the test with the examinator who will check all skills and confidence. After the exam student is given a score which will show if he can receive the license right away. There is a way to retake this test, but there is an additional fee for that.
  2. Receive the CDL by mail or pick it up in local DMV.


One of the best ways to get a CDL license is to go to a training school. Being in school, one will be taught all required skills and qualifications to pass the test. According to results and reviews, most of people who succeeded in test were training school’s students.


CPL authorizes driving any vehicle, but motorcycle/vehicle with hazardous materials with a driver who is:

  1. At least 21 years old.
  2. Has a CDL for one of vehicle classes driven by holder of permit.
  3. Sitting on the front seat near CLP holder.



CDL Classes:

  1. Class A – can be used for combination of vehicles such as tractor trailers, tractor-trailer buses, flatbeds.
  2. Class B – operated by trucks, large and segmented buses, box and dump trucks.
  3. Class C – the license allows to transport up to 15 passengers, or hazardous material.


How To Choose A CDL School in Brooklyn, NY

  1. Training Quality

One of the key factors in choosing the school. Trainers should be extremely professional and experiences, as well as have good communication skills. All schools have different kinds and periods of training. Make sure to read the reviews and ask all questions prior to taking classes.

  1. Employment Opportunity

It is a great advantage if the school is able to provide a job after training, or assist in finding a job once the student got the license.

  1. Training Cost

Prices for training may vary from state to state. It also depends on how many hours the person wants to train. However, in some schools there are available packages in order to save money.

  1. School Location.

There is no doubt that it’s always good to find the cheapest and closest school. But often it doesn’t mean that the quality of training will be as good as expected. So one of the great ways to make a great choice is to search for nearby schools, call and ask them all questions and read reviews of other students. Keep in mind that if you’re looking search term cdl driving school brooklyn , the best school may not be just down the road. In fact, the cheapest, closest and most convenient school isn’t always the best option. If that’s the case, just think of traveling to school as the first road trip on the journey to becoming a truck driver.