The realm of Digital Apps is highly saturated with a lot of competitive content.  While developing an App in itself is a task a half. Marketing and making sure that the App gathers sufficient prominence within the virtual world is highly imperative and requires a meticulous amount of effort, in order to achieve the visibility you desire. So is it absolutely easy? Well the answer is no! But this article might be able to help you out with that. We will discuss some of the most essential yet highly beneficial hacks to market your App in the digital realm.


App Store Optimization:

App Store Optimization works similarly to SEO. The only difference is the fact that you are optimizing your App for the App Store search ranking. The process of App store optimization requires extreme pre-planning and an immaculate execution.

Unlike other marketing strategies ASO needs to be executed before the App has been released on the App Store. ASO requires you to optimize specific elements of the Metadata, while designing the App. These specific elements include but are not limited to

  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Application Title
  • Description
  • Screenshots
  • Thumbnails and other technical sensitivities during the development of the App

You can also use various App Store Optimization apps and tools, such as

  • App Intelligence
  • ASO Intelligence
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Ad Intelligence

The key is to Optimize your search engine ranking in the App store in order to increases its discoverability and naturally the amount of downloads through the App store. It is essential to make sure you have a wisely engineered optimization strategy in place, in order to optimize your visibility in the virtual realm.


Facebook Marketing:

It is highly imperative to market your App on Facebook. Let’s be honest, the amount of Facebook users almost accounts for everybody in our social circle. Imagine the visibility that you can harvest through the use of Facebook Ad campaigns and various marketing strategies.

It is essential that you make a Facebook page for your App. Make sure to tailor the content specifically for your App by adding interesting, engaging and visually saturated content, to promote and market your app through Facebook.

You can also Backlink your App on Facebook in order to increase the amount of traffic that is directed to your App on the App Store. You can also offer great discounts or exciting memberships, fun coupons for your Facebook audience. Creating a sense of incentive and rewards can highly increase and benefit the Apps visibility and download probability.


Going Viral:

Going Viral is an interesting term that has been coined within the last decade, following the advent of social media. Going Viral refers to the process of instigating a linear growth of the App through referrals.

You can optimize your App with incentives and rewards, offered to the users in case of using a referral code or just referring the App to their friends. A lot of the App in the app store offer great referral incentives such as discount coupons, access to exclusive content, memberships and so much more.

The key is to market your Apps visibility with the use of this simple yet highly beneficial strategy. Make sure to optimize your App design in order to add additional referral programs and incentives in order to maximize prominence.


Mobile App Micro-Website:

One great way to optimize your Apps visibility online is by developing a Micro-website that has been specifically designed and tailored according to your Apps content. It is essential to provide your App various vents for visibility. You can further optimize the content on your Micro-Site for Search engine optimization on the Google search page and ranking.

Make sure to tailor the Site according to the aesthetic and technical features of the App.


Video Marketing:

In the world of fast growing internet, it is imperative to have your content marketed through rambunctious videos and highly engaging – visually saturated content. The 21st century user prefers watching videos over anything else.

You can make cool short films, videos and engaging visual content in order to advertise and promote your App, on various platforms. When marketing through videos make sure to include

  • Your Apps logo – The logo should be placed strategically in the video, making sure that it’s under the spotlight.
  • Introduction – benefits and fun facts of using your App
  • Make sure the aesthetics of the app and the video are in Sync. You should produce videos and films that have been tailored to the needs of the App.
  • Find a niche and target your videos specifically to different demographics.
  • Make sure your Video content has been optimized for search engine results and rankings.
  • Add interesting features in the video to make it highly engaging.


Endorsements and Affiliate Marketing: 

You can also use platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and engage celebs and influencers in order for specified demographical promotions. You can target various audiences by getting App endorsements from a diverse range of individuals.

The 21st century marketing strategy is incomplete without influencer endorsements. Make sure you are targeting the right demographics and choosing the influencers wisely, based on their followership and social reach. Make sure to market your App on almost all available Social handles in order to optimize your Advertising strategy.

Gathering reviews:

It is highly essential to gather reviews and comments from your users. The Google App store uses various algorithms in order to identify the credibility and user experience of your App. It is essential that you consistently engage with your consumers in the comment and review section on the App store.

Be vigilant to fix any bugs or problems that the user might be facing in order to optimize your search results and ensure quality user experience. To enhance your App visibility and credibility on the App store.

The above mentioned hacks are easy to follow through but require a meticulous amount of effort to maximize the benefits exponentially. So what are you waiting for? Optimize your App advertisement today and monetize your hard work!