Onboarding new employees is an important step when easing the new employee into their new roles. Ideally, onboarding should take place before the new hire starts their first day at work. Traditionally the first day at work is spent completing forms and onboarding formalities. A new employee often reports on their first day at work with enthusiasm and ready to hit the ground running, try not to break this momentous by making them complete monotonous paperwork on their first day. There is onboarding software available on the market that makes it easy to onboard new hires before their first day at work. Day one then becomes a full day of orientation and the employee can focus on getting to know more about the company, meeting their team, and finding out details about their responsibilities. All in all, it is a crucial part of business operations that should be done efficiently.

Traditional onboarding can be onerous and open to errors. Manually entering data into the system can result in errors and candidate documents could go missing if filed incorrectly. A traditional onboarding approach is more people dependent and tracking the status of the onboarding process is time-consuming.  The amount of human effort and time it takes to follow up with new hires inevitably increases business overheads. This is why specific onboarding software solutions and platforms have become a necessity and game-changer for recruitment teams across all industries.

If you are on the fence about implementing onboarding software for your company, here is a list of some of the benefits you can enjoy with it.

1. Better Employee Experience

When you use employee onboarding software, you will provide new employees with the opportunity to use their smart tech devices to complete the onboarding process on the go. Most onboarding platforms come with an easy user interface that makes the process less tedious. Information is completed online and documents can be uploaded in a few minutes. The time saved allows your new employee to integrate with the team and start being productive from day one. A positive user experience with onboarding software will also give you that extra edge that sets you apart from your competitors.  

2. Onboarding Becomes Quick and Efficient

Onboarding software allows you to automate the onboarding process. Look for an onboarding software service that meets your industry’s needs. As soon as your begin to automate mundane and time-consuming tasks you will see how business processes begin to simplify and improves data integrity. . You can easily update your records remotely and the employee can focus more on training and orientation procedures during your first few days at work. 

3. Greater Employee Retention

In a competitive job market replacing employees is expensive and should be avoided where practically possible. Implementing processes that run efficiently when recruiting candidates creates a positive first impression. The efficiency of onboarding software reduces the lag time between the day the candidate is appointed and their first day at work.  This approach is a good technique to keep candidates engaged and reduce the dropout rate during the first 6 months of starting.  Investing in good onboarding software will also help you attract more talent as the good news travels. Referrals and recommendations can help you grow your business.

4. Provides Security and Compliance

Employee onboarding requires the handling of personal and sensitive data that should be handled confidentially and securely. Physical paperwork cannot be relied upon. Software that holds digital copies gives you peace of mind knowing that they are encrypted with secure passwords and codes. This will not only give your new employees peace of mind, but it will also protect you from any compliance issues. With onboarding software, compliance becomes a breeze.

5. Gives More Insight

An essential aspect of effective onboarding is to gather feedback and identify aspects in the process that can be improved. This is where software comes in handy because it allows you to collect data, use analytics, and create reports. This can help measure the success of the onboarding process, see what is lacking, improve operational efficiency, and address any issues. 

6. Reduced Costs and Waste

By automating the onboarding process the manual work is reduced. You won’t even require any paper to carry out tasks or record data. Everything becomes digital. As a result, you help save the environment by reducing the amount of paper you use and your company can keep their overheads in check. 

7. Improved Company Culture

The last reason why onboarding software is worth checking out is the fact that it will create a more robust culture in your company. It fosters business agility and collaboration. Through onboarding software, the new employees can quickly identify and assimilate with their workplace’s culture.  When you build a strong company culture, you also attract the right talent and retain your employees.

Final Words

If these reasons have convinced you to get onboarding software for your company, you must check out Onboarded. It helps contain as much data as possible, make compliance a breeze, save you time and money, and ultimately allow you to onboard hundreds of people within minutes.  Check out their website for more!