You can apply almost tons of eCommerce strategies to increase your brand awareness and enhance the brand’s growth on one of the rapidly growing, highly used, and famous social media platforms, Instagram. And what better way to do that than to buy real Instagram likes.

But it’s also the reason why you need to be so careful. Because if you don’t calculate your actions, you’ll end up being branded as a ruthless, self-centered entrepreneur who cares only about himself and sales and not customers. 

That is the reason why you need to employ the best eCommerce strategies out there. And we’re here to help you. As always. Here are our favorite 7 Instagram eCommerce strategies you must try.

And remember, strategies are essential. Because every dollar that does not go to you goes to your competitor.


1. Use that impulse buying phenomenon 

A paper published in the Spanish Journal of Marketing that although physical stores encourage impulse buying slightly more than online stores, amongst the Online platforms, it is the Instagram and Facebook platforms that promote purchase impulse.

So how do you trigger that impulse buying? One way is through recommendations. Another study published in the Information and Management journal shows that impulse buying in recommendations depends on trust in recommender and affection towards the recommended products. You can achieve the latter by hiring a photo or a videographer and let him create aesthetic and dramatic shots of your products. That will do the job.



While you can make your product look trustworthy, you have to be reliable and trigger impulse buying properly. How do you do that?

Two studies in one of the parts of Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics book series find out that brands and businesses with a higher number of followers are perceived to be more trustworthy. The purchase intentions from the very same pages were also found to be quite high. 

That is the reason why we always encourage small businesses to buy Instagram followers. It enhances trustworthiness, triggers buying impulses, and allows the page to make more sales. 


3. Collaborations 

It might sound like a silly thing to do. Still, as an influencer running an eCommerce profile, you need to grow as quickly and diversely as possible to maximize your outreach to your potential target audiences. 

Collaborations are an excellent way to grow both locally and internationally. Plus, none of the brands involved in the collaboration will get hurt. It’s a win-win situation. 

We’d suggest collaborating with businesses in the same niche as you and with the same target audience. That way, you can boost sales and growth at the same time. But it’s okay if there are minor changes between the two partners. 

As a small brand just starting, don’t ever refuse a collaboration opportunity.


4. Engaging with your followers 

Having a lot of followers is not enough. Yes, you might acquire a thousand followers overnight, but if you don’t engage with them properly and listen to them, they’re just going to leave sooner or later. 

Give them a reason to stay by being different from other competitor brands. Engage with your followers, make promotional posts, such as most engaging stories, Q/A sessions, and show people your followers like you so you can grow substantially. An easy way you can do the latter is to buy Instagram Likes. It’s our little trick. Always works. Keep it a secret. 


5. Cue internalization and trust online theories 

Using cue internalization theory and trust online theory, a study published in electronic commerce research and application journal identified cues in Instagram posts that build trust, encourage a positive response toward them, and in turn boost sales. 

According to the study, consumers rely on cues of popularity and quality of the post to reduce the uncertainty in purchasing apparel online.

As for the quality, a professional photographer will take care of that. However, you can make a post look more popular and engaging by yourself. All you need to do is buy real Instagram likes and comments, and the job is done.


6. Use influencers 

There are tons of influencers out there waiting for you to give them a shot at sponsorship of some sort. Make yourself valuable to them and them to you. 

Ask them to promote your product. Give them a discount code or something along with a target to make at least some specific amount of sales. 

You’ll be surprised by the amount of traffic on your website. Thas a promise.


7. Consistency 

And finally, consistency. And not just consistency in posting, but everything. 

Yes, posting consistently is excellent and reflects your good and responsible image. But you’ll also have to be consistent in buying ads and recommendations for the same audience, over and over again and then again. 

Make your audience see your products consistently. Of course, not so much to irritate them, but enough to make them curious and visit your page. 

We’d say almost every twice or thrice a week should do the trick. Appear on their recommendations by paying Instagram, and you’ll profit double the amount you spend. 



And that is it for our long post on our favorite 7 Instagram eCommerce strategies you must try. We hope you liked the post and found it helpful and useful.