Anyone owning a Labrador retriever knows that they have amazing abilities. They are strong as oxen, the most intelligent dogs, and a perfect addition to any family.

Labrador retrievers have even topped the American Kennel Club’s list of most beloved breeds for 24 years in a row, the longest tenure of any breed in the organization’s history.

See for yourself what makes them the perfect companion.

Labs Are Intelligent and Easy to Train 

The intelligence of labs is what makes them so unique. Labs can memorize and learn from their mistakes, which means they are easy to train. Labs also can understand human language, so this is another factor that makes them perfect for training. They love to please their humans, so they’re not averse to learning new tricks. They typically follow instructions well and make good companions that are fun-loving.

Some of the Labrador Retriever training tips include:

  • Start by teaching your dog to sit when told to do so. This will teach your dog that there will be consequences if it doesn’t listen.
  • Teach your dog commands such as “let’s go,” “come,” and “halt.” These commands will teach your pet to react appropriately in different situations.
  • Reward your pet when he does something right. It can include a treat or praise from you.
  • Start teaching tricks early on, like how to shake hands and roll over as soon as possible.
  • Always be consistent with your training methods when training your Lab.
  • Regular exercise is important for a happy and healthy Lab.

They Get Along with Everyone

Labradors were originally bred to be hunting dogs in the US, Canada, and Great Britain. They are now popular as family pets due to their easy-going nature. A Labrador retriever is a great dog to have around the house with kids because they are naturally kind, gentle, and patient.

Labrador retrievers also have a pleasant disposition and will not bark or jump unless they feel threatened. Additionally, Labradors have an even temperament that means they won’t be jealous if their owners spend time with another animal or person.

They Are Active and Love Outdoor Activities

Labradors are active dogs that love being outdoors. They love fetching and swimming. They are also very enthusiastic about eating and playing. It means that Labradors need a lot of exercise and outdoor activities to keep them happy, healthy, and stress-free.

Labs Are Great at Alerting You to Trouble or Danger

Labradors are one of the most often used breeds for police and search dogs. They have a unique ability to detect human presence, including scent and sound. Labrador retrievers can detect sounds from up to three kilometers away, making them one of the most effective breeds at warnings. Their super-sensitive hearing combined with the intensity of their eyesight make them an excellent choice for working as a guide or service dog.

They’re Very Fast! 

The retrievers are very fast. They have been clocked at speeds of 12 miles per hour in just three seconds. They also make the best water dogs because their coats repel water enough to stay afloat. The pups can even swim for two hours.

They Can Tell You If You Have Cancer

Labrador retrievers have been taught to identify and detect cancer in its early stages owing to their powerful noses. Dogs may learn to detect the sickness by working with cancer cell samples. By sniffing a patient’s breath, blood, or excrement, canine physicians can make a diagnosis.

The only known screening method for the early stages of ovarian cancer is to have a lab sniff the patient, which has a very high success rate. The laboratories, according to scientists, detect changes in unstable organic molecules that might indicate cancer.

Great Appearance

Labrador Retriever is a medium-sized breed of dog. Labradors typically have a soft, silky, long outer coat and a dense straight inner coat. They are widely adopted as guide dogs for the blind or deaf and are employed as service dogs.

Wrapping Up

The Lab is one of the most popular breeds because they are affectionate, loyal, and eager to please. They are true “people dogs” who love everyone—from children to seniors—and will play fetch for hours if you want.