7 SEO Tips for grow your business

SEO is not only for medium or large companies, you can also apply SEO in small companies. I would even say that it is more important for small companies because if you know how to apply it, it may be your best card up the sleeve against the big companies in your sector. The tips are too many, but I have put together in this post how to find seo services for local and international campaigns that will increase your visibility in a short time.


SEO ideas for SMEs

1. Find your niche market

For small businesses it is very important to determine a niche market. Do not make the mistake of raising in your business model that you sell to everyone who knocks on your door, this will simply lead to the wear and subsequent disappearance of your business.

In this way, you can better identify the value proposition that makes you unique in your field. This advantage means that even if you have to compete with large national and international brands that have multi-million dollar budgets, your brand stands out among your potential customers.

2. Get a local positioning

Seo positioning strategy for SMEs can be based on a local strategy, this is convenient if your business model deals with local sales such as a restaurant or an accounting agency, for example. Even SMEs can consider a mixed SEO strategy, that is, achieve excellent local positioning while they make their way internationally with their website.

The important thing in local SEO is to know what words your potential customers use to find local products or services like the ones you sell. People who are interested in finding a local company and use the internet to find them are forced to put the name of the city where they live.

Find out who your customers are and what words they use to describe your product, because people will use the same terms to find your website. These terms are called keywords in the SEO world and for small businesses it is recommended to use long tail keywords called in this long tail world .

3. Develop your branding

The brand is very important for the SEO of small businesses. When talking about branding, you are talking about creating a logo, having your philosophy defined, creating your motto. This helps people recognize your brand when they see these elements. In addition, they allow you to have a more coherent value proposition. And when it comes to advertising it’s easier to establish a strategy

4. Start writing great content

One of the foci of any small business that starts on the web should be to increase the visibility of your website. This is possible to achieve with a great content that interests the most common readers of your type of business. Do not settle for just placing the detail of your products or services, contact address and more nothing. Sure you have many things in your company to share, share it with your target audience!

Some topics that may interest your audience are trends in your business, your business goals, needs that cover your products and things like that. You can also share local events related to your business if you are more focused on the local.

It is important to manage your expectations regarding the outcome of the content. If you are focused on a local market with high global competition, your content may be relevant as a marketing tool and for social network entries, but any type of content will not be enough to appear on the first pages of Google. If you need to conquer a global market, in addition to a local market, then, you need to incorporate in your content Seo writing with more emphasis.

5. Share your content on social networks

Social media is used for brand awareness or to lead potential customers to a sale. It is the perfect place for people to talk about your brand and for you to talk about it too. For small businesses it is important and economical to promote your brand, your company and your products to establish a certain image and to obtain decent traffic to your website. Social media, used in the right way, can contribute to the SEO of small businesses.

6. Sign up for the Google My Business profile

Google My Business is a kind of digital guide that registers companies interested in being found physically, ideal for bakeries, restaurants, hotels, agencies and any company with local physical sales strategy. Google “My Business”, as it translates into Spanish, is really your friend if you want to appear in the Google search engine or in Google Maps.

Google My business allows others to leave a comment about your company. If your company has a good reputation, people will be more inclined to click on your website. Make sure you monitor and keep these revisions up to date. If you get a negative comment for some reason, react by solving your client’s problem. This way if the person is satisfied asks him to change his review later. You may even become an ambassador for your brand.

7. Optimize proximity words

This advice I give you for two reasons. The first is that small companies can take advantage of the closeness they have with their customers as a differential value proposition to large companies. You can use slogans like “we are close to you”, “we know what you need”, etc. The second is clearly for the optimization of keywords that refer to the local geographically speaking. Use phrases like “close to you”, “closer”, “always open”, “local” and “close” to define a good optimization strategy. This is a strategic work that you will have to think more thoroughly, sure there are many other words to optimize.