Your business is not the only one in the industry you are focusing at. You are actually working against some of the marketing giants out there and some other startups like you are. Therefore, it is really important to know more about the ways in which you can always thrive to stay at the top. Chances are high that you will be aiming for the best rankings and SEO rank is the one for you to consider over here. Among all the major search engines, Google seems to be the one holding the primary spot. To get to the first pages of Google is always the great hold to consider. If you want to learn more about the steps to preserve ranking in Google through SEO tactics, then you better follow the norms first. They are applicable to all websites – it doesn’t matter if your site is built by using Ucraft, Wix or any other website building platform.

Have to start updating your site first:

This stage might sound a bit intuitive but can also prove to be one of the most common mistakes in the world of internet marketing niche. Google will always take into consideration the content freshness and content quality as part of its major ranking algorithm. So, it will help in you a lot if you get to keep the site current and maintain your position over here.

  • Some of the antiquated strategies like “text only” articles can hinder the current rankings in search engines for you.
  • In case, you are making plans to maintain keywords, you might want to update content by adding assortment of images and videos to the articles.
  • It helps in enhancing the present experience of readers and entices some other people to link right to the site.
  • It is mandatory for you to take some time in improving the current visual appeal of the said brand. Optimizing layout of the website will help in reducing the bounce rate and increase the current likelihood of visitors, who are engaging with content.

In your query on which step should you take to preserve rankings, this one always seems to be right at the top of the list.

Running down the next stage:

There are some steps for you to consider whenever you are aiming for preserving the ranks on you website. There are some simple and minute changes available and you have to focus on the dos and don’ts if you want to address the changes now.

  • You don’t have to change the structure of your URL. In case you are making plans to redesign, you can do whatever you want to keep the URL same.
  • Try to do 301 to redirect all the old pages to the corresponding new ones. A 301 redirect helps to inform the search engines that you have moved a page permanently from one location to another one. It works when the site coms up in search engine results and people won’t be taken to a broken page.
  • It is not a clever idea to have two versions of entire site. Your site should start with “www” or can head for the “http” count. If you make plans to use both and your browser fails to automatically redirect one to another, you might end up with canonical issue. In case, the site comprises of www, then be sure that new site does that too.
  • Do not try to overload on heavy graphic elements. The page load speed is likely to have a direct effect on SEO. No matter how small it might be, you might not want the users of the search bots to get irritated while downloading your page. Try compressing graphics and clean up code now.

If you have old sites, then you have to delete it if there are new sites on same host. If you’re looking for a host, you can find the perfect host on You don’t know how the search bots might get hands on it. But, having an old site is not a good choice to make. Even with 301 redirect and other precautionary measures, having a completely designed old site crawl able and accessible for bits and users is always a bad scene. You can store it in any private folder you have created or back it up locally on web server.

Prioritize content on quality and not based on quantity:

There’s no point in writing multiple articles if the content within is nothing but pure fluff. It is always better to have less content on site with higher value than loads of content which does not have much value, to say the least.

  • Most of the time, mainly the new companies, have this misconception of aiming to cover lot of content. They just want to push dozens of the articles every week on various types of topics.
  • The writing quality might seem correct but the quality and content were not doing any favor. But, recent studies have indicated that producing less content but with insightful notes were the ones getting more results, engagement and traffic.

Have a look at “queries” report:

It is really important for you to learn more about the phrases which are almost ranking at high for. It is in Google Analytics under Queries version. See here for more information about this. The report is perfect for showing all phrases that you rank for and the number of times when you have appeared in Google or impressions.

  • There are numbers of times that your pages have been visited from these choses phrases under clicks.
  • You will also come to learn how high you can rank from phrase or average position.
  • The report mostly shows data for mostly last 3 months and shows no data for last two days. You can set the data range for covering three months full to get as much data as needed.

Try assessing present search ranking:

For improving ranking, it is mandatory for you to know where the present standing has been. This is always true for all the new sites. Thankfully enough, the market comprises of multiple resources and tools and agencies to help you understand the current standing you are in. You are always welcome to take help of for checking the keyword rank of your site. Other options are now just a click away!