It is easier to enjoy shopping when you know that it is profitable. People nowadays don’t choose things at a lower price but save with the help of additional discounts, bonuses, gifts, cashback or extended service, such as free delivery.

  1. Promo Codes. This is a method of attracting new customers that online stores are actively using. This is a letter or digital set that provides a discount on the product. The size of the discount sometimes allows you to reduce costs by half.
  • Coupons are the same as the promo code but usually in the form of a picture, the ways of receiving the same. In addition, you will receive a coupon or promotional code after the purchase because online stores want to turn their customers into regular ones doing so. By the way, coupons are very useful and should be included in the first date checklist as you can save money in a restaurant, for example.
  • Bonuses. Register at your favorite store. This will allow not only for receiving information on sales and discounts by mail, but you will also be able to accumulate bonuses, participate in special promotions, and receive other nice services that self-respecting trading portals create for regular customers.
  1.  Online sales – they are seasonal, holiday, timed to any event, and so on.
  • Promotions – 3 pairs of shoes for the price of two, gifts for attracting new customers, lotteries, prize drawing among regular customers, etc.
  1. Rebatesare another purely virtual way to save on purchases. To use the rebates, look for the appropriate sites and from them, go to the site of the desired store, for which these services will return part of the cost of the goods to you.
  2. Joint purchases– that is, you agree with other people to purchase goods together so that they can be sold at wholesale prices. In addition, the shipping cost can be shared amongst all the participants. You can participate in joint purchases through special sites, groups on Facebook, as well as simply by cooperating with friends and relatives.
  • Buying on the Internet involves not only payment for the goods but also the cost of its delivery. Costs can be significantly reduced. Many online stores offer free (or cheap) delivery of ordered products on a specific day of the week, time of day.
  1.   Auctions, stock centers, discounters
  • Auctions. Online auctions are a place where a wide variety of products can be purchased for little money. The most popular was the eBay system. There are thousands of analogs on the Internet. The advantages of auctions are the ability to offer your own price per lot.
  • Stock centers. There are special systems that work with retail customers. They can offer products of a certain brand or type. The cons of stock centers are that they sell defective goods.
  • Discounters. Their principle of operation is similar to the work of stock centers. The main difference is that discounters sometimes sell outdated collections in perfect condition.
  1. Cashback is the return of part of the money to the card after a certain time after spending. For example, you bought household appliances in a store or had lunch at a restaurant, paying with a card, and at the end of the month, you received back a certain percentage of the amount spent. Cashback is also called a “deferred discount.” But the discount is made not by the seller but by the bank. Thus, a financial institution encourages customers to use plastic cards.
  2. Price monitoring. Finally, for the laziest Internet users, the services that monitor prices in online stores were created. With their help, buyers choose the site on which the desired product can be bought at the lowest prices.