Finding the best e-liquid flavour is a difficult task, especially with so many options available. When it comes to the most popular e-liquid flavours, the options might seem subject, but they are known for being the best. Refill you e-cigarette to experience the joy offered by e liquid. There are various e-liquid flavours which is why this post looks at some of the best. From sweets to fruit, fresh to creamy, e-liquid flavors offer a never-ending treat of goodness. Try out the mouth-watering taste of fruits, or the delicious taste of sweet deserts. You are bound to go on a magical ride of deliciousness. Read on to find out the best vape juice flavors available.


  1. M. B. Y. C.

M. B. Y. C. offers an interesting flavor. Starting out in Denver by SICBOY, the e-liquid quickly became a favorite throughout the country and abroad. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to make this flavor. The taste of this e-liquid flavor is a combination of vanilla custard, ice-cream, and praline. The rich and decadent taste will transport your mind to a world of happiness. Give M. B. Y. C. a try and see for yourself why it is considered to be one of the most popular e-liquid flavors out there. If ice-cream flavored e-liquid flavor is your thing, then the M. B. Y. C. is just what you need.

  1. Surf Cake

Surf Cake is widely used by e-cigarette enthusiasts. Although this e-liquid flavor is on the cheaper end as compared to other e-liquid flavors, it does not compromise when it comes to flavor. This e-liquid flavor is a perfect blend of cheesecake and blueberries. Thus, a mixture of pie crust, fruit, and creaminess is offered to vapers. Blueberry might seem a bit too light for a few, but it is affordable and vapers can easily get more of it to elevate their senses.

  1. Hawaiian Pog

Naked 100 is the mastermind behind Hawaiian Pog which is an impressive e-liquid flavor that vapes just cannot seem to get enough of. The right amount of guava, orange, and pineapple makes it a well-executed blend. The flavor might taste a bit tart, but the sweetness of the fruits gives it a nice balance. Every vaper has tried or at least heard of Hawaiian Pog for its fruity sweetness. If you are looking for a fruity flavor and want to give something new a try, then the Hawaiian Pog is just for you. The taste is so different that you would never get bored of it.

  1. Blue Voodoo

Blue Voodoo is without a doubt, one of the best e-juice flavors available. Most vapers agree that it is a must to try Blue Voodoo at least once.  Mister-E-Liquid has created this heavenly flavor. Ever since its launch in 2010, the flavor has been widely sold. Blue Voodoo offers a sensual delight to vapers. Its sweet and tangy taste makes it extremely addictive. Vapers have continuously raved about its sweet blueberry flavor which they cannot get enough of. There is a mystery undertone to the liquid. A great thing about this e-liquid flavor is that it is quite affordable and does not cost a lot unlike other e-liquid flavors on the market.

  1. Mother’s Milk

Suicide Bunny has created the legendary Mother’s Milk. Made by this Texan E-Liquid Genius, Mother’s Milk is truly something out of the ordinary. The taste of the flavor is simply awesome. If you want to quit smoking and give e-cigarettes a try, this flavor will make it all possible.

Only the best ingredients are used for creating Mother’s Milk. The smooth, creamy, and rich custardy flavor is topped off by a sweet strawberry flavor at the very end. There is also a touch of spice to give it an ever-lasting effect. The flavor has catapulted Mother’s Milk as one of the best. Although there are some vapers who feel that it is too hyped, the flavor deserves to be on this list.

  1. Shurb

Jimmy the Juice Man has created an extremely addictive e-liquid flavor in the form of Shurb. Vapers have been obsessed with Shurb ever since Jimmy the Juice Man starting selling the flavor. The crisp blend of orange, lime, and raspberry, along with lots of sugary sweetness is what makes the flavor stand out. It is not very sweet and offers a balance between citrus-sweet and sour. It is commonly referred to as the all-day-vape. Shurb is highly rated by vapers online. It is not that expensive and comes in an exquisite packaging.

  1. Unicorn Milk

Considered to be best e-liquid flavor out there, Unicorn Milk is simply a class apart. It has gained a substantial share in the market. It is a hand-crafted and high-quality flavour. Unicorn Milk is very popular among vapers. It offers a blend of over three different creams and natural strawberry. The juice has been widely praised for its richness. The creamy richness of Unicorn Milk and the perfect balance of strawberry to elevate the flavor make it one of the most sold e-liquid flavours out there. It is also referred to as an all-day-vape.

  1. No. 32

Ever since the launch of No. 32, Beard Vape Co. quickly became the top e-liquid seller. The No. 32 stands out in the market due to its unique flavor. It consists of the funnel cake flavor that oozes nostalgia and happiness. Try out the No. 32 as it is another name for joy. The flavor tastes like a cinnamon funnel cake. This replication of the funnel cake by Beard Vape Co. is truly impressive. Relive your youth with the No. 32. This sugary cinnamon delight is just what you need to make any day, a great one. This flavor might not be for everyone. However, if you are looking for the best dessert-styled flavor, then it takes the top spot. Give it a try to take your senses to the next level, you will not regret it.