7 Tips to Write an Error-Free Essay

You must have written essays in school, college, or university.

Were they perfect essays?

Or did you struggle to write good essays?

I am sure there are still areas of improvement and things to learn to write an error-free essay.

We always feel that writing hard vocabulary or complex sentences will make us score well.

This is not true.

It will be great if you write simple sentences to communicate your thoughts flawlessly.

Another area we mostly overlook is the correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as these essay writers point out.

So, through this article let me give you seven tips to write an error-free essay and how you can improve your grades by following these tips.

1.   Plan your essay

Once you get a topic of an essay, always plan it first. You should not just jump into writing without planning and structuring your essay. Plan how you are going to write an essay that includes an introduction, body, and conclusion within a certain word limit. The standard structure of an essay comprises five paragraphs; one paragraph for the introduction, three paragraphs for body, and one paragraph for the conclusion.

Once you plan its structure, then start brainstorming your ideas or even create topic sentences. The first sentence of a paragraph that summarizes the rest of paragraph is called, topic sentence. In this way, you will mostly be elaborating and explaining your topic sentences in each paragraph and that keeps on track when writing your essay.

2.   Be a storyteller

We often believe that we should write what our professor or reader of the essay wants. But this is wrong. We should tell them something that is of interest and what we get to know while researching the topic. In this way, you will be motivated to write the essay and you will write it as a storyteller. This makes writing easier and faster. When you are not able to communicate or you are out of words, you write gibberish and that does not have any meaning.

3.   Use simple words and short sentences

Always use simple words. Only use complex words if the essay is technical or needs jargon. Simple words are easy to understand and the mind comprehends it easily without looking at the dictionary. Use vocabulary but smartly. Not just to fill in the words. Else it will not make sense and the reader will lose interest.

Also, it is important to keep your sentences short. Write one concept or thought per sentence else, it will create complexity and confusion. So, once you are done with the complete essay, go through each sentence again. If you feel that a sentence is too long then breaks it in two or three to make it easier to comprehend.

4.   Check grammar, spelling, punctuations

The most errors in an essay are related to grammar, spelling, or punctuation. The best and easy solution is to download Grammarly application on your computer, this helps in correcting all three areas.

Other than that, when you proofread your essay, do take notice if a sentence does not make sense. There might be chances that there is a grammatical error that makes the sentence vague. Or at times, even the placement of punctuation can change the whole meaning of a sentence. So, for an error-free essay, it is essential to check your essay for any grammatical mistakes as well as spelling and punctuation errors.

5.   Use active voice

Normally the readers prefer subject, verb, and object (SVO) sentence sequence. This is an active voice. You should be direct and write in the present tense. This connects the user in a more personal manner and it seems like the story is happening right at this time when the reader is reading your essay. The subject-verb agreement should be correct.

6.   Edit ruthlessly

If any sentence does not add meaning to the whole context then it is better to shorten, delete, and rewrite it. This will make your essay error-free. It is advised that once you complete your essay, leave it for a few hours, and go grab a cup of tea, or have your meal. Then come back to the essay and start fresh. Once your mind will be fresh, you will be able to pick your mistakes easily. And at times, new and better sentences come up in your mind.

7.   Proofread…Proofread…Proofread

Never send your essay without proofreading for at least two to three times. At times, we just overlook our mistakes. Proofreading ensures clarity of meaning in your essay. There should be no misunderstanding or misinterpretation of what you have written in your essay.

Even if your actual content is great, but there are too many grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, it shows that you don’t have much knowledge or expertise in the subject. And it also looks distracting as well as annoying.

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