The Best micro-motor Manufacturers In Asia!

With An Immaculate Portfolio RHJC Ranks Higher As The Best Producer Of Nail Drill All Across The Globe!

RHJC is based in the Saida developmental industrial city, in the state of Xinqing, China. The company has a long list of certifications and accolades that includes but is not limited to Electromagnetic compliance, approved by credible medical and instrumental agencies. The products are certified with the Council MDD directive, with standard FCC rules and all credible and essential requirements lay down by directive policy makers and certified product reassurance agencies.

Over the years RHJC nail drill factory has built a fantastic portfolio of state of the art manufacturing, of intricate and meticulous, yet highly commendable micro-motor, machinery and equipment. The product quality is as great as it gets paired ingeniously with the best prices. RHJC leads the micro-motor equipment market by providing immaculate,

  • High-tech grinding machine products
  • Root canal therapy instruments
  • Planting machines
  • Micro-motor hand pieces, and various standard machines and equipment.



I have listed some of the best products that RHJC has to offer. Apart from these products they have a list of an immaculate product portfolio that you can check out for yourself on their official website


Portable Brushless Nail drill:

The Prime-1210 is as great as it gets in the consumer market and suppliers of a brushless nail drill. The product has been manufactured considering all medical equipment safety protocols and offers some of the best results. I am personally a witness of the incredible practicality and functionality of this product.



The features of the much distinguished and technically advanced Brushless Nail drill includes the following technicalities


Battery type:

  • The Portable brushless nail drill comes paired with a high-function lithium battery that has been previously tested and is readily tested and certified for safety certifications.
  • With a full time working capacity of 25 hours of functioning time with a 8-10 hour battery charge time.
  • Apart from life varies from around 2500 working hours to an astonishing 3000 working hours.



  • The motor has been meticulously crafted to function without a brush and has been thoroughly researched upon, competitively tested and certified by RHJC and various certified agencies.
  • High precision
  • Great torque
  • Low noise in order to avoid noise pollution and increase functionality
  • Maximum overheating protection with minimum to no heating at all
  • Easy to operate and comes with a consumer and operational guide
  • Comes with a closed structure in order to increase the life of the drill and avoid dust to sabotage the functionality of the Prime 1210-RHJC nail drill.

Apart from the aforementioned hand drill the company provides an astonishing range of products that includes


How to order for products from RHJC?

  • If you are interested in ordering products from the company you can simply visit their website or call their customer care support. Who will be more then willing to help you with your order.
  • Apart from that here’s an extra tip on how you manage and order products from the company.
  • Once you call their customer care and helpline a salesman will be able to guide you through the range of products that they have to offer.
  • If you are already sure about the products you want, you can simply tell the representative and they will guide you to additional information and offer help and assistance on any queries.
  • Apart from this one great thing about the RHJC is that they will ship a free prototype to your address in order for you to test and check the product before buying it.
  • This offers great help in order to reassure their customers that they care about them and are ready to operate and facilitate them at any given cost.
  • If you want to customize your order they can also do that for you. You simply have to lay out a plan of the customization you are planning to have and they will redesign and customize another prototype, send it over for approval and make you your desired product.
  • Once the prototype has been approved by you, they will start making the new design on mutual agreement of payments and ship them over as soon as they are ready!
  • The above mentioned procedure is readily available for all products. You just have to call them, book an online meeting and get your products customized, produced and shipped easily over to your place.


RHJC offers a great variety of products that have been meticulously and technically crafted after investing greatly on research and safety measures. All products are certified by credible agencies for safety measures and customer usage protocols. The products are technically advanced and offer great results on a very affordable price.

So what are you waiting for? order yours now and be amazed by the high quality of The RHJC product.