8 Best Cigarette Making Machines Available in 2020

Well, everyone is aware of the harsh and detrimental effects of cigarettes. There are no safe substances used in cigarettes. It not only has an impact on your lungs but on all your whole body.

This is why it is better to stop smoking altogether. However, if you cannot, due to any reason, or don’t want to, it will be beneficial to invest in a cigarette making machine. Not only will you be saving money but will also enable you to make cigarettes safely and hygienically at home.

The market is filled with a sea of options when it comes to cigarette machines. It can prove to be a daunting and challenging task. To help you choose the best cigarette machine, we have created a list of top cigarette making machines.

1.    Powermatic 3

The first cigarette rolling machine on the list is the Powermatic 3. This is one of the best machines for making a cigarette. It is a fully electronic cigarette manufacturing machine that will allow you to have perfectly filled cigarettes.

A wonderful thing about this machine is its ability to automatically make portions of the cigarette. You will be able to make high-quality cigarettes at home. It is an easy and simple to use machine that will eliminate the need to buy cigarettes from the market. You can make your own cigarettes from the comfort of your home.

It provides a fantastic opportunity to make customized cigarettes with the density of the tobacco of your choice. Moreover, it has a jam protection system that will make sure it rolls quickly and smoothly. The machine will not spill the contents if it gets jammed. This means manufacturing is safe and clean.

Also, this machine will make making cigarettes a breeze as all you have to do is fill the compartment with tobacco and select the length of the cigarette. The machine will display the number of cigarettes it will make. The best thing is that you will not have to make individual cigarettes manually. The entire process is automatic and will be completed within 5 minutes.


  • Perfect cigarettes every time
  • Robust and durable
  • Clean production
  • Fully automatic


  • Might be expensive

2.    New Top O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

This is another great cigarette rolling machine. New Top-O-Matic machine is among the best automatic cigarette rolling machines available on the market. The design of this machine is sturdy and robust. The machine comes with a lot of compartments enabling you to store tobacco and cigarettes.

Moreover, it has the capability to roll the cigarettes neatly and smoothly. A feature that helps it stand out from the rest of the machines is its ability to roll cigarettes in different sizes. This machine has a versatile design. It is one of the best things in this machine. You can easily adjust the density of the tobacco and even change the size without any difficulty. In this way, you can make a wide range of cigarettes.

This machine comes with a spoon that makes it easy to roll the cigarettes. Top-O-Matic cigarette machine is a wonderful choice for all types of smokers.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Robust and solid
  • Easy to use


  • Can be messy

3.    Raw Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Next on the list is the Raw Plastic cigarette rolling machine. What makes this rolling machine special, you may ask? It is made from hemp, making it an eco-friendly option. This machine is great and durable to perform efficiently. You can get a cigarette rolled in quickly.

A great thing about this machine is that it takes up very little space. You can place it anywhere and you can even carry it around with you since it is lightweight. When it comes to the process of rolling cigarettes, you will need a little tobacco and a cigarette paper, preferably 79mm size.

The machine comes with an additional rolling paper to replace the original one. Just keep in mind that you should not add too much tobacco to the machine, it will cause problems for rolling the cigarettes.

Unfortunately, it only rolls cigarettes in a standard format, you cannot get cone-shaped cigarettes.


  • Makes rolling the cigarettes easy
  • Will not take up space
  • Available with a raw rolling paper


  • Might require exceptional care

4.    Fheaven Electric Injector Cigarette Rolling Machine

Every smoker knows how expensive it is to buy cigarettes. That’s why you should get a cigarette rolling machine to save money and enjoy the pleasure of smoking. Fheaven Electric cigarette making machine is a lifesaver. You can make cigarettes in a few minutes and that too of your own choice.

This makes making cigarette hassle-free and quick. The best thing about this machine is its size. It is a small and compact machine that you can take with you anywhere. The process of rolling cigarettes is simple. You will need tobacco, rolling paper, and this machine.

With just pressing a button, the process of making the cigarette will start. Within 3 minutes, you can have your own quality cigarette. Thanks to the density adjustment setting, you can enjoy smoking the way you like. Wondering what makes this machine special? This machine comes with an anti-slip base. It means you can use it without any difficulty. You can have a great balance since the machine will not slip.

Another wonderful feature of this machine is its removable tray. This is useful for cleaning the leftover tobacco. It is a great thing as you can ensure the quality of the cigarettes.


  • The adjustable density of tobacco
  • Roll cigarettes of different sizes
  • Features removable tray


  • Short cord

5.    Grinzer Cigarette Rolling Machine

Another great cigarette making machine is offered by Grinzer. It will enable you to save a lot of money since you will not be buying packs of cigarettes anymore. The best thing about this machine is that you will get everything you need to have a high-quality cigarette. Also, you will get an extra 100 cigarette making papers.

This machine is capable of handling 79mm sized cigarettes. Another good thing about this rolling machine is that the paper will not give any taste of its own. This means you will be able to enjoy the true taste and flavor of tobacco.

Furthermore, when you buy this machine, you will get packs of tips along with a tube for storing cigarettes.


  • Comes with a tube for holding cigarettes
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Available with a pack of tips


  • The tube produces an unpleasant smell

6.    Fresh Choice Revolution Electric Cigarette Making Machine

Thanks to Fresh Choice Revolution cigarette making machine, making cigarettes has never been easier. It is an excellent way to make cigarettes at home without any trouble or effort. One of the best features of this machine is its size. It is lightweight and compact, making it the best choice for everyone.

This machine is powerful enough to quickly roll the cigarettes. As far as using it is concerned, it is pretty straightforward. You just have to press the Start button so the rolling action could be initiated. Since the motor of the machine is powerful, it will get the job done within 2 minutes.

Besides this, you can place it anywhere in your home or workplace. It is a quality cigarette rolling machine that will help you enjoy smoking at any time of the day.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • Convenient and simple to operate
  • It has a noiseless operation


  • Only kingsize is available

7.    Powermatic 2 Plus Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

For those who are in search of an electronic rolling machine, this is an excellent option. This machine by Powermatic offers a wide range of options. One of the best features of this machine is its capability of making various sizes of cigarettes including regular and king.

The quality of the cigarette is high since you will be using tobacco of your choice. This machine offers the best value for money. It features a tobacco hopper that will enable the machine to make cigarettes continuously. This means you can make plenty of cigarettes and save money.

Besides this, the machine is compact in size and lightweight that makes it portable. It means you can use it on the go.

When it comes to its performance, this does a beautiful job of rolling the cigarettes. You can get top quality cigarettes at home and no need to buy an average quality cigarette. The machine comes with a cleaning kit, to ensure your home-rolled cigarettes are germ-free and fresh.

Moreover, the machine has a jam-proof design, making it simple and easy to roll cigarettes without any trouble.


  • Reliable and fast
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Can be a little noisy

8.    RLQ Electric Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Automatic Roller Make

When you are looking for a quality cigarette rolling machine, the Top O-Matic rolling machine is an ideal choice. With this machine, you can enjoy a cigarette whenever you want. Making a cigarette is at home is convenient and simple. It will allow you to save thousands of dollars you spend on a pack of cigarettes every year.

This machine is durable and sturdy as it is made using premium quality materials. It also means you can enjoy making cigarettes at home for a long time. It features a transparent cover. A great thing about this machine is that you can keep an eye on the cigarette making process.

Another wonderful feature of this machine is density adjustment. With just clicking a few buttons, you can choose the tobacco density of your preference. The machine will do all the job for you, taking all the hassles out of the process.


  • Simple operation
  • Compact size
  • Excellent features
  • Construction is solid


  • You need to plug in the cord

Buying Guide for Best Cigarette Making Machine

If you are looking for the best cigarette making machine, no need to look further. This guide will help you invest in a quality and great machine for making cigarettes at home.

When it comes to buying the right machine, it can prove to be a frustrating and confusing task. This is because there are plenty of options available on the market. To make the decision easy, here is a buying guide.

Type of the Cigarette Making Machine

The first thing you need to focus on is the type of machine to get. There are various types of machines on the market. You can choose the one you want depending on your preference and budget.

Some of the common types are:

  • Electric injection cigarette rolling machine
  • Manual injection cigarette rolling machine
  • Hand roller machine
  • Fully automatic rolling machine

Rolling Size

Another factor you must consider is the size rolling capacity of the cigarette. Some machines allow you to roll the cigarette in a standard size. On the other hand, there are some machines that are capable of making cigarettes in several sizes including 100s, king, and regular size. While some of the machines only make 100s or king-size cigarettes.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is a crucial task for cigarette rolling machines. This is because it will have an impact on the quality of cigarettes. Some of the machines are available with cleaning tools that will make it stress-free to clean the machine. There are some machines that come with a removable tray. It makes it easy to clear out leftover tobacco.

Bottom Line

Though it will be healthier to try to quit smoking, you can invest in a great cigarette rolling machine to save a lot of money if you cannot quit it. With this machine, you will not have settle for the average quality cigarettes.

Which machine do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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