Now a day’s, people are setting up their businesses online. In order to do so, it is essential that you have a website from where people can have a look on what you are selling. When it comes to Website Development it is essential to make it impressive and market competitive. But, in order to flourish your business, it is better that you hire a web designer who knows everything and understands your vision clearly. So that people get attracted to your website and buy your products. Sometimes, it gets a bit messy when it comes to hiring a web designer. But don’t worry. We are going to talk about the 6 things you need to keep in mind before hiring a web designer.


It is imperative to set base with a mutual creative understanding before the beginning of the project. It is essential that you set a certain creative tone for your project and ensure your creative input is taken into accordance. However, when designing it is also essential to understand your Web Designer’s creative and design process.

You should make an assortment of research and compile it into a presentation or just a folder that you can share via email. The research should include the following creative cues in order to ensure a creative-visual compatibility and understanding between you and your Web-Designer. Following this interesting process will allow you to make wiser and educated decisions when selecting a Web-Designer.


Visual Content

Visual content – This includes visual narratives and references that you would like to host on your Web-Page. It is essential that you know the type of content that you would be uploading on your Website. This will help guide the Designer during the creative and technical process of designing.


Web-Design References

You should also include any Web Design references that you would like to incorporate in to your Website. This could mean references of

  • Click to Action buttons
  • Pop-Ups
  • Ad-placement
  • The screenplay of the Website
  • Notification bars
  • Categories
  • The color palette
  • Aesthetic value – Whether you want it to look minimal or professional etc.

You can consider sharing your personal favorite Website or Designs with the Web-Designer in order for them to have a better idea of your creative requirements.



It is very important that you thoroughly scrutinize the Web-Designer’s portfolio. This will allow you to set base and have a better understanding of their work and creative ethics. It will give you an insight into their creative mind and whether they are compatible with your requirement.

You should also notice cues for essential Web-design elements such as technical skills, aesthetic preferences, work history and professional ethics. You should consider designers who are up to date with the technical advancements in the field of Web-Design. Consider hiring designers who are compatible with your aesthetic and technical needs.



It is also essential to set logistical grounds before hiring a Web-Designer. This means that you should take the following things into consideration before hiring.


Time Zone and Location

Since the advent of online freelancing websites you can literally hire designers globally for your job. This means that you should be able to set base considering geopolitical time zone and location, in mind.



Set milestone deliverables for your Web-Designer in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. You should divide the entire process of web designing into little segments also referred to as Milestones. This will streamline the process of web designing for both you and the designer.

You can draft this information in your contract. They can achieve these milestones by following the design process, consistently updating you on the progress and delivering on time. This should be drafted mutually by you and the designer in order to exponentially increase productivity.


Deliverables and Deadlines

It is essential that you set specific deadlines and ensure that all the deliverables should in sync with the time specific goals. Make sure to draft this information into the contract, in order to avoid misapprehension and delays.


Payment Process

It is highly imperative that you set base and ensure the payment process initially in order to avoid any payment or technical difficulties later. Web-Designers are professionally trained, highly creative and skillful people who can help you build the Website of your dreams and it is essential that the payment process should be as smooth as possible.


Design Services

Another important thing to take into consideration is the fact that you should be fully aware of the design services that you expect from the Designer.

Make sure the Designer is providing with equally strong technical and aesthetical features. It is essential that you include maximum optimization, SEO audit, diverse compatibility with devices and a technically sound Web-Design.



You should also take your budget into consideration before hiring a designer. You can divide the entire process of deliverable into milestones as mentioned above. This will streamline the deliverables with the payment.

In the realm of business it is a well-established fact that in order to earn more money you have to spend more money. Try investing a graceful amount into hiring a Web-Designer in order to achieve efficient and highly competitive results.


Launch Plan

Make sure you and the Web-Designer are on the same page, especially when it comes to the launch date of your website. It is also advisable to set deliverable at least a week before your planned launch. This will allow you to test-run and explore the website for any design loop holes or issues prior to going public. This will help set time-limits and enhance the efficiency and the quality of the deliverables.

It is essential to keep the above mentioned things in mind before hiring a We-Designer. Make sure you and the designer are on the same page when it comes to the creative insight, technical requirements, aesthetical cues, time limits and deliverables. For a smooth process it is essential that you draft a contract. You should develop a sense of professional communication and agenda between the teams in order to streamline and maximize the results.