8 Reasons Why Second-Hand Machinery is Profitable for Business

Whether you own a construction business or work for a demolition company, machinery is one of the most important assets. Working with unsuitable or inefficient machinery will directly impact your efficiency, service quality and can even result in injuries. Moreover, purchasing machinery is a major investment. Therefore, you should thoroughly explore all the available options before investing.

Machinery can be classified into two broad categories- new and second-hand. While you might be gravitating towards buying brand new machinery, we suggest you consider second-hand alternatives. Here’s how purchasing used machinery can benefit your business:

  • Lower Cost

Perhaps the biggest advantage of purchasing second-hand machinery is the lower cost. Instead of paying the full price, you can buy machinery at a fraction of the usual price. 

You shouldn’t dismiss the option of buying used machinery just because it was previously owned. At times, you can even get your hands on machinery that’s barely used. You will also save by paying lower sales tax.

  • Better Value Retention

As long as machinery is maintained properly, it will retain its value. Reputable sellers usually deal with second-hand machinery with well-maintained services records. Take a look at these records to determine the value retention of machinery. 

  • Avoid Initial Depreciation

Just like when you purchase a car, the value of machinery depreciates as soon as you take it from the dealership. During the first year, new machinery depreciates at a double-digit rate. 

On the other hand, when you purchase second-hand machinery, you can avoid this initial depreciation. So, if you want to resell this piece of machinery in the future, you would be able to do so at a better price. 

  • Access to Top Brands

Due to budget constraints, you might be unable to afford machinery from top brands and instead settle for their inferior counterparts. 

Building a fleet with top brands can make a world of difference to your business. A top-notch fleet can improve your capabilities and bring in new business. 

Purchasing pre-owned machinery is an opportunity to add top brands to your fleet. 

  • Immediate Availability

When you buy new machinery, you have to place an order and wait for it to be manufactured and delivered. And once you place it in order, there isn’t much you can do to get out of it. If there’s a delay in delivery, your time-bound projects will suffer.

That’s not the case with used machinery. Used equipment dealers have a stock that you can pick from right away. You can easily get availability details from their website.

  • Extensive Range

Second-hand machinery sellers offer an extensive range of equipment. Compared to other industries, advancement in the construction equipment industry is slow. This implies that there isn’t much difference in terms of features between new and used machinery. So why would you spend so much on brand new machinery?

Apton Plant Group Ltd. offers a range of good and reliable used machinery at competitive prices. These items are directly available for shipping.

  • Lower Insurance Costs

By purchasing used machinery, you’ll also get to enjoy lower insurance costs. As the worth of used machinery is much lower than brand new alternatives, the insurance premiums will be less. 

  • Sustainability

The advantages of buying second-hand machinery go beyond your organisation. Designing and manufacturing heavy machinery requires a lot of energy and resources, which adversely impacts the environment.

When you decide to invest in used machinery, you immediately cut-down production requirements. This, in turn, reduces your carbon footprint. Choosing second-hand machinery is a sustainable alternative.

Hopefully, this post swayed you in favour of choosing a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice! Remember to carefully research before buying used machinery.