How to Stimulate Your Appetite While Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Struggling to fight cancer is difficult, regardless of the type of cancer that you have been diagnosed with by your doctor. Unfortunately, cancer treatment can leave you feeling weak, tired and unable to eat anything. The longer you go without proper nutrition, the weaker you’ll feel. In many cases, individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy may find that they feel too nauseous to enjoy food, while others just don’t have much of an appetite. Thankfully, there are some ways for you to stimulate your appetite so that you feel better.

Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently

Rather than try to have a large meal three times a day, aim to eat smaller and more frequently. This could mean a small side salad for lunch and a piece of chicken two hours later. You’ll find that you’re able to keep food down easier this way, and it will be less likely that the food will cause you to feel nauseous. Find foods and small meals that work for you so that you’re more likely to go for them when it is time to eat.

Try Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis has been used to help treat both nausea and anorexia. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider using it in order to feel better. You can easily get your medical marijuana card online if you’re living in Oklahoma. The great thing is that getting your medical marijuana card is a quick and effortless process that is ideal for people of varying needs.

Schedule Mealtimes

It can be hard to force yourself to eat when you are undergoing cancer treatment. For this reason, it might be helpful for you to schedule regular mealtimes so that you’re essentially forcing yourself to eat. This might be difficult at first, but if you tell yourself that you’ll have something at 10am every morning, it becomes more of a habit and you may find that you automatically reach for breakfast even if you’re not necessarily feeling hungry.

Stick to Foods that Don’t Make You Nauseous

Now isn’t the time to try new flavors and foods. If you know that a certain food makes you feel sick, avoid it at all costs because it may deter you from eating anything else. Try to stick to plain flavors and ones that you’ve liked for more of your life. This will help you to get the nutrition that your body needs in order to fight cancer.

Limit Fluids While Eating

If you drink too much water, it’s going to fill you up. This is why it’s a good idea to focus on the food you’re consuming rather than the drink that’s in front of you. Once you’re done enjoying your meal, you can enjoy that glass of water or juice. However, until you finish your meal, it is best for you to avoid drinking so that you don’t become overly full in the process. The same can be said before mealtime, since you don’t want to have a large glass of water right before you eat something.