Today, the internet is crowded with businesses searching for the best ways to grab the attention of their target audience and at the same time outdo their competitors. As more and more organisations tap into the potential of digital marketing, they yearn to implement it into their marketing strategy which makes it all the more challenging for brands to achieve their desired goal. Fortunately, there are still some cost-effective ways which help promote your LMS without burning a hole in your pocket. 


Namely, a PPC software directory is what eLearning businesses need today as it can help build brand awareness and maximize your online exposure. Not convinced yet to try it out? We have shared some notable advantages of listing your LMS on a PPC directory and these will be compelling enough for you to do the same today. Read on to find out! 


Increase brand awareness

Display information about your product, its unique selling points, and consumer benefits with a PPC directory which also helps to build brand awareness and enhance credibility. It actually includes all the basic information which must be conveyed to the target audience so that your prospects are well-informed and are able to make an informed purchase decision. A general overview, feature checklist, and pricing breakdown are the different elements which are a part of the eLearning industry listing. 


Showcase your USP

Most LMS directories have a comparison feature which enables visitors to view the different options available amidst so many leaders. Resultantly, your LMS gets the chance to showcase its USP and boast how it’s better above than the rest. Moreover, the users are also able to view performance overview which highlights the usefulness of your product, its usability, and customer experience. 


Gather reviews

One of the most valuable features of an LMS platform is that it can gather reviews which helps your prospects evaluate the product’s functionality with reference to past user experiences. The more reviews you gather, the more prominent your position in the directory shall be. However, the platform offers yet another benefit of gathering valuable user feedback which extends the ability to highlight what they liked best and worst about your platform. 


Increased conversions

A PPC directory for LMS attracts only those who have existing knowledge about it and are interested in buying a new one. Thus, you gain qualified user exposure which leads to higher conversion rates as you simply need to convince your prospects as to why your product is worthy of investment. 


Immediate maximised exposure  

While many LMS startups struggle to find their place in search engine rankings, those with a PPC directory experience maximised exposure immediately. Various eLearning content providers PPC advertising make sure to create huge tons of relevant and trending content which surely helps secure your web page a decent rank in search engine results. The traffic sources are obviously relevant and comprise those who would like to invest in your product. 


Measurable results

Make the most of PPC directory with its conversion pixel as you’re able to calculate a very accurate marketing ROI. All you need to do is install a code on your site to measure the results. With this, you’ll be able to determine the total number of site visitors who clicked or the ones which converted to leads. 


Budgeted spending

Another exciting feature offered by PPC directories is the transparent geo-bidding. This provides marketers with an opportunity to invest in a particular country and even exclude a specific region as per their requirements. This way you are able to opt for a more localised strategy or a global one based on the set marketing goals. This not only lets you spend on more valuable traffic but also helps increase conversions. Moreover, marketers are able to adjust their bid and increase position for specific areas to get more traffic. 


Detailed reporting and analytics

A PPC directory guarantees you access to detailed traffic and conversion reports which further help you formulate effective marketing strategies. With this, you are easily able to evaluate the high performing and low performing aspects which enable you to allocate your marketing resources effectively and efficiently. 

We hope the aforementioned points were convincing enough for you to invest in a PPC software directory today. So, stop waiting and get yours now!