Workplace discrimination might not be a popular subject yet, but deep underneath it is embedded in our society as well as in our hearts. Think about the last time you yourself faced workplace discrimination or watched anyone else experiencing this around you? It won’t be that long. The truth is, employment discrimination happens by collective constituents or based on conservative mindsets. These constituents include the unequal treatment of an employee based on their color, ethnicity, background, gender, disability, religion or eve age!

It is illegal to discriminate employees based on these characteristics, which is why you need to careful and considerate to your employees. This illegal fact that can even result in firing the employees or humiliating them around the office, or even consciously interrupting their work.

Discrimination is Not Harassment

It is common for people to confuse workplace discrimination with workplace harassment. Although gender-based discrimination is also a prominent category in itself, harassment is totally different. Discrimination in a workplace includes interference in work, not being given equal opportunities, not being appreciated etc. But with harassment, it can include constant nudging of a co-worker, following the way you work, unwelcome behavior or even sexually harassing by any colleague. Understand that workplace discrimination involves a silent war, whereas harassment is more visible, if looked closely by others around you.


Different Types of Employment Discrimination

Workplace discrimination takes place when a person is discriminated highly on different factors. These constituents can be of any type, mostly, these are something we come I and who we are, and not what we behave. For instance, employees get bullied about their weight and appearance, their disabilities, any on-going pregnancy etc. Following is a list to know all the constituents that make up to form this workplace discrimination.

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Mental or Physical Disability
  • Ethnicity
  • Genetic Information
  • National Origin
  • Age
  • Skin Color
  • Examples of Employment Discrimination
  • Relationship to someone who may be discriminated against
  • Pregnancy or Parenthood



 Workplace Discrimination


  1. Age

Age based workplace discrimination is a popular practice which is defined as a legal offence by the jurisdiction. There are only a few rare exceptions that forbids anyone from specifying the age of the candidate in a job advertisement, rest are legally charged. Employees are subjected to be treated kindly and to be taught work if they are young and fresh graduates, and regardless of their age, should receive equal benefits. The only difference that may be there is any retirement benefits or promotion benefits. Age discrimination in internship opportunities is also illegal, and if any job is not provided to you based on your age, this can also be punished under the law.


  1. Religion

When it comes to religion, it is important to understand that it is a personal matter of belief and it should not be enforced on others. Similarly, is a person practices religion in a workplace, he or she shouldn’t be pointed out on the basis of their religion. For instance, some workplaces might not hire Muslims just because they are labelled as terrorists. Businesses and organizations are there to make the accommodation of employees a lot easier instead of being biased.


  1. Gender

Gender based workplace discrimination is a high issue and should be avoided at all costs. This can be a serious offense under the workplace discrimination offense. This discrimination happens when males, females and other genders are not given equal opportunities. For instance, a transgender is not being hired at an office is gender-based workplace discrimination. One of the most common problems that are faces is the difference in the salaries of males and females doing the same work on same position! Because of this reason, businesses are actually forbidden to lowering a gender’s salary to that the pay is equal between the males and females.


  1. Pregnancy-Based Discrimination

Pregnancy based workplace discrimination can be categorized under the gender-based violence issue but is just as important. This kind of discrimination is illegal, where the employees are required to handle the pregnancy as some every day work, or to not allow them to leave for this purpose. With pregnant women the cases can become quite complicated at times which can cause a lot of trouble for the trouble makers.


  1. Hostile Work Environment

This might sound a little tricky, but workplace discrimination because of a hostile or biased environment is also a problem which comes under this issue. A hostile work environment can cause you to lose your peace and will create an offensive work environment in your home. Usually this happens when an employee’s work is being interfered by another person, or you are being given too much work than your required schedule for the day.


Why Awareness for Workplace Discrimination is Important

Workplace discrimination is a prominent problem of our society. Most of the time, men refuse to see through this problem because they don’t understand the feeling and do not observe the things carefully. It is illegal for an employer to make assumptions and judge someone on the basis of their appearance. The awareness for workplace discrimination is important to be known and made aware because a solution should be created the more people know.

Additionally, companies are prohibited to keep the employment opportunities from an employee because of any constituent work problem. One should not believe what your friends say and should also try to make things better in your own work place.


Bottom Line:

Basically, workplace discrimination is a huge issue and will be in no more than a decade. Women are being neglected, they are being judged always on their appearance, and because of this discrimination, working in such a toxic environment can be different. Small things make up to constitute a larger problem at time. In case you want to know more about workplace discrimination, you can consult Workplace Discrimination Attorney Houston, where you can get to know about all the things that make up this issue and minimize it.