Navigating the digital marketing landscape can be nerve-racking for most business owners whose time is already limited. Most of them need a competent and trustworthy digital partner to manage their online space. In the last few years, the number of digital marketing companies has increased, making it more difficult to select the right one.

Choosing a digital partner can make or break your bottom line. Get the wrong one, and you will quickly drain your budget and adversely affect your branding. So, if you want to choose right, here are a few tips to follow.


Understand Your Needs

When you know your business needs, you can make better conversations when looking for digital marketing. Therefore, consider the following needs:

  • Web design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Advertisement

Know Your Budget

It is important to understand your budget as it helps you to know how much you’re willing to spend. Generally, there is no set price when hiring a digital agency. In fact, a good marketer should have the ability to work with a reasonable budget as long as they understand your expectations.

For example, restaurants tend to invest a lot of time and money on social media marketing and less advertising, while a roofing or plumbing company will spend more on advertising and less on social media.

Transparency Is Vital

Transparency is often overlooked because it is a basic requirement. Most companies that fail to demand full transparency often miss the red flags. Therefore, carefully review a company’s website. If you don’t see bios, client list, or address, proceed cautiously.

Today, there are many unscrupulous businesses online who overpromise and under-deliver. Most clients lose time and money looking for cheap deals. To avoid falling on that list, demand for full transparency before entering into any agreement.

Credibility Is Golden

Ascertain the company’s credibility and experience. Check client testimonials and feedback from review sites such as Yelp, Clutch, and Expertise. Do the reviews seem legit?

Examine client references, including those that did not turn out well. Most, if not all companies have an engagement that turned sour, and it is imperative to know how they deal with such occurrences. Instead of sending emails to these references, call them. You will get more information from a phone call than an email.

Look at their website. Is it decent? Does it indicate its SEO acumen? Does it appear high in search results? Do they have high-quality content? How maintained are their social media pages? You don’t want to work with a company who knows nothing about onsite SEO checklist.

Industry Experience

Ask the agency if they have specific industry experience. Learn more about those engagements, their strengths, and challenges. Also, ask them about how they approach a new industry.

Some agencies can be so specific that they may not adapt to a new trends in the marketing landscape. That’s why some of them go with cookie-cutter approaches. Often, a new perspective and approach are needed to unlock the potential of a stagnant marketing plan.

A good digital marketing agency should be able to evaluate your industry, competition and online presence in order to devise an effective plan.

Understand The Technical Aspects

Many times, most marketers spend too much time and energy understanding client and agency sides that they forget the technical side.

But understanding web development technologies is vital to any marketing plan. Your website is the cornerstone of your business that must be built and hosted accurately. Therefore, you are better off with a digital marketer who understands both worlds.

Account managers therefore who have worked with both marketing agencies and directly with clients have an added advantage when developing digital marketing strategies. Innovative ideas in digital marketing often come from operational experiences.

Success Determination And Reporting

It is important to know how a company measures and report success. Some companies may purposely keep clients in the dark because they don’t want to demonstrate their results. If you find such an agency please avoid them. So, ask any company how they measure, track and monitor their results. That way, both of you will know what you need to improve. Reputable companies will always keep you updated with weekly or monthly reports.

Give It Some Final Thought

Once you have a list of preferred contenders, look at what you really want from the relationship. Every client wants something a little different from their digital marketing company. Marketing should be fun, so choose a company that reflects your personality.

Choosing digital marketing for your company shouldn’t be difficult if you know what you want. With these tips, you can get the right one.