What kind of phone cases? We choose the best solution

Today’s smartphones are very delicate devices. Just fall from a low height or a moment of inattention and some parts of your phone may be suitable for replacement. There are many solutions on the market to protect you from the unpleasant consequences of an accident. Which are worth your money and which are the ones that we should avoid?

The smartphone revolution has resulted in high-performance devices that are able to replace traditional computers. Manufacturers have abandoned the desire to increase the durability of the enclosure to develop internal components such as the CPU, memory and camera. The effect was not difficult to predict – very easy to see displays, cracking plastic enclosures and other mechanical faults occur very often. Although some smartphones (especially the more expensive ones) have been equipped with reinforced elements such as glass to protect the Gorilla Glass display or resistant to housing drops, even they cannot cope with some accidents. To prevent a disaster, it is worth investing in the right phone case.

What kind of phone cases?

The first step in choosing the right case should be to analyze your needs. If you lead an active lifestyle, it is worth to reach for the right cover with the strap fastening e.g. on your hand. People for whom a smartphone is a working tool will not choose a case in the shape of a (often uncomfortable) closed pocket, and physical workers, exposed to mechanical injuries should be interested in cases and holsters. Below we present a detailed description of the most popular types of cases.


Holsters are thick leather covers that effectively protect your smartphone from the most serious accidents. Most often they have a holder for attaching to trousers and belts. Some models are equipped with holes to provide the most needed buttons for the phone. This is the most expensive type of cover, but it is worth investing in the maximum safety of our device.

For whom?

  • Physical workers
  • Professional drivers
  • People who value smartphone security

Slides and pockets

Slide-in and pocket covers protect your smartphone from scratches and damage. This type of protection is less effective at preventing falls.  The biggest disadvantage is that it is difficult to access the screen – to use the phone you must first remove it from the case. Aesthetic and neat look (often decorated with drawings, photos or artwork) will surely appeal to the female part of the society. The price of bobby pins and pockets starts from a few dollars. Some of them can be handmade, which adds prestige.

For whom?

  • Owners of larger-size smartphones
  • For less frequent phone users
  • Women

Case with flap

A characteristic feature of the cases is a flap covering the screen. The back of the phone is protected by a special pad made of plastic, material or leather. The disadvantage of this cover’s stump is a relatively low resistance to mechanical damage, the need to adjust the size to your smartphone model and the possibility of scratching the screen with a foreign body, which got between the display and the flap – it’s all about sand. Most manufacturers create their own branded cases, but they are very expensive. For example, the original cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge costs 25 EUR, while its cheaper equivalent can be purchased for less than 5 EUR – while fully maintaining its utility and protective properties.


For whom?

  • Fans of branded gadgets
  • People who value stylistics – by far the most beautiful type of cover


High level of security, very low price and the possibility to choose any design are the main advantages of the case made of silicone. No wonder that this is currently the most popular type of smartphone cover – you can buy it even in your home kiosk. The biggest disadvantage of this solution is its low resistance to the passage of time, because silicone oxidizes and hardens quite quickly, losing its protective and aesthetic properties.


For whom?

  • Practically for everyone

Wooden cases

First of all, it is a very special case, and right after that it is really durable. Wooden cases for mobile phones are often much better in terms of durability than plastic or silicone. Not only can they withstand moisture and impact, but they don’t have the same tendency to scratch and scratch as other types of materials such as hard plastics. This means you wouldn’t have to replace your phone case as often as before – if you trusted the performance of such wooden cases for once. If you would like to buy wooden case, you can visit Midoki.de