8 Warning Signs to Spot Out For Poor Blood Circulation

It is high time that individuals start trying to look after themselves better than what they did before. Some of the great ways of living a healthy life can be obtained by visiting the gym more often. Alternatively, cutting down on the consumption of fast food also can be another way of living healthily.

The idea of fighting off death and living a longer life can only be obtained by simple initiatives. One of them is to start managing a flight of the stair sans getting out of your breath. You certainly don’t require transforming yourself into a fitness fanatic, though. However, after reaching a certain age, what becomes more important is the concept of healthy living. And one of the best ways to initiate healthy living is by performing ways to improve blood circulation.

Poor circulation leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases. It also happens to be a warning sign of certain underlining health complications. Hence, proper blood flow is required because body organs need enough blood to remain healthy, strong, and fit. Ignoring the circulatory system might also be responsible for damaged heart, brain, and kidneys. Therefore, it is time for you to spot out the warning signs of poor circulation. To know more, keep reading on.


  1. Experiencing Tingling Sensations

Poor circulation eventually leads to tingling sensations. In case you’ve already experienced this in legs, face, feet, or arms, then you definitely have poor blood circulation. It can even leave you with a feeling that your legs and arms aren’t connected to your body. This happens when there’s poor circulation in your feet and hands. However, having this feeling after putting pressure on your feet or arm is quite normal. But if you get it quite often, then you should try wearing decompression belt. The review of dr ho decompression belt is reliable and you must definitely purchase.

  1. Cold Hands and Feet

Throughout the year, if you have cold feet and hands, then you must know that you have poor blood circulation. It is quite normal to have cold feet and hands during winters. However, if you get the same throughout the year, then it is quite abnormal. The most common symptom is that your fingers would turn whitish and pale. This is a sign of poor circulation.

  1. Poor Memory and Concentration

Poor circulation often leads to poor concentration and memory. This is all down to the lack of oxygen in organs. This might be due to the reason that your brain isn’t receiving sufficient amount of red blood cells (RBC) that it requires. Hence, all it does is ending up and shutting down partially. This affects your concentration level and thereby you suffer from poor memory.

  1. Despite Drinking Water, Your Experience Dry Skin

The skin happens to be the first area where physical symptoms are shown in terms of poor blood circulation. In case your skin is drying out despite drinking sufficient amount of water, this might be a sign of poor circulation. You can use creams to get proper prevention from damages. However, it won’t help you to treat it permanently. This is just masking these symptoms. Moreover, you might experience ulcers forming from the legs.

  1. Even after healthy Sleep, Lack of Energy

In case you already have plenty of sleep, feeling tired would not be a normal scene. After all, it is weird to feel tired right after having plenty of sleep. This might be due to the fact that your organs are not getting enough oxygen. Hence, you always feel tired. The red blood cells also play a significant role in helping you get rid of tiredness. But this can only occur with proper circulation.

  1. You Fall Short of Breathing

Respiration plays an integral part of living. Hence, if you fall short of breathing, it might be the most difficult scenario to ever come across. But if it does, then you should know that it might be caused due to poor circulation. This starts affecting the cardiovascular system when it’s not untreated properly. Moreover, it’s also a sign of your heart not getting enough oxygen.

  1. Don’t Feel Hungry

The lack of effective circulation will affect your brain. This also results in a low appetite. Your stomach might not send the message to your brain that you’re hungry. And this leads to serious health conditions.

  1. Body Swelling

Swelling happens to be an extremely common phenomenon that is led by a lack of effective circulation. Your body usually retains water around the ankles. This causes the condition known as edema. Your hands might also experience the same thing with time.

After all the Bad Things

Now that you know how to spot poor circulation, it’s time to get hold of ways to solve the problem. To promote the process, you can walk; do a bit of exercise, and use the belt mentioned above.