Do you want to be a security guard? If you are involving yourself in this job, then I must say you should proud of yourself. Being a security guard your job is hard because you will need to provide various services like cash security services, property security for shopping complexes, societies, offices, and many more. Keep in mind, you are holding the trust of peoples, so be clear and respect your job.

With this, you will get more clients and sell your services to a large extent. So by keeping in mind your dignity, here are a few tips you will need to follow to be the best security guard.


  1. Do not stop learning

You may hear this fact; a person should not stop learning. With the advancement of technology and skills, you have to be updated with the latest gadgets that help in your job and make you smarter. Must attend the seminars or workshops to learn more! This will make your clients more impressive by seeking you are the highly eligible and best candidate for them.

Learning by doing not just improves your skills and clients’ confidence, but as a man or being a security guard, you will feel proud inside your heart. Isn’t it?

  1. Keep your values

Being a man or security guard must keep your values in your heart and mind both. If you know how to handle your clients calmly with no greediness of money in your heart, jealousy, and more you will become a good man and best candidate for your job. On the other hand, must respect your client and work on their requirements. Don’t be shy or overexcited for your first job.

Be kind and get the best return on your work.

  1. Go to practice sessions

Whether you are trying to be a security guard or doing a good job as a guard, don’t let go of your practice, because this will keep you strong and hard to beat by rivals. Practice self-defense and learn fighting courses with your friends or co-workers will be fun and make you a better version of yourself. What do you think?

Moreover, meeting with your co-works keeps you updated with what is going and or what ought to be after time.

  1. Follow your mentor

You are in this job because of your mentor. He encourages and advises you at every point of time when you need it. Therefore, it is important to follow you, mentor. Or if you are just new in this field, so must find out the good mentor who can guide you briefly and get the best out of yourself.

A good mentor can point on your mistakes and guide you on how to do improvements in your field. If you are working in the security guard company, you must work on the advice of your mentor. This will make you the best, so don’t take it on your ego.

  1. Stop making illusions

You are the best, no one can beat you, no one is better than you, etc. if you are thinking these things about yourself, then stop it right now. Well, I am not saying here you are not, but keeping this statement in your mind develops ego in you and this will lead you in the wrong way always. The thing you need to keep in here is, you are a security guard so your duty is to check everyone, whether he is looking genuine. To be the best, you need to be hard on your allow what he wants to do.

  1. Always ready with body Armor

When you are in a security job, wearing body Armor is highly important especially when you are working on a higher degree risk field. However, there are many vests available for guards, but it is vital to check and know what is best for your body and perfect for that risk. Must stay updated with the latest version of vests, pistols, guns, etc. introduced by companies and government! The better you protect yourself the better you will safe people.

  1. Be smart and sharp

When you are working as a security guard at risky places or where the risk of getting troubles, then you need to extra careful in checking and always be sharp and alert with your eyes and mind both. You can take the help of the latest gadgets on this such as spike protection, best vests, and more. Your job is to stay always ready for every situation.

  1. Be hard

In this job, it doesn’t no matter what is your relation with your next standing person. You will need to forget every relation, just be true with your job and trust no one. This will keep you safe and the people whom you are securing.