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With over one billion users globally, Instagram is an impressive marketing tool that you can use to generate web traffic, increase brand awareness, and make sales. But, many brands are using it incorrectly. Rather than focus on engagement – the metric that matters most in terms of success, they focus on the number of followers they have.

While it’s good to have a large following – it’s pointless if those followers aren’t paying attention and interacting with what you are sharing. And while you can buy Instagram likes and buy ig followers, one of the best ways you can increase your engagement organically is to focus on improving your Instagram captions – and here is how you can do it.


  1. Try Writing Several Drafts

Not sure what Instagram caption will be the best? Try writing several different versions of the caption for the same content. Work hashtags into the paragraph if you want. Walk away for a bit and come back to it to see which one jumps out at you, or ask someone else on staff to pick the one they like the best.


  1. Keep the Important Stuff at the Top

Whatever you want your audience to remember the most needs to be at the front of the caption. If you get too winded, they could lose sight of the important message you want them to take away. Important details should always come first if you buy instagram likes.


  1. Always Include a Call to Action

Use the caption to tell people what you want them to do. Whether you want them to click the link in your bio or you want them to tag one of their friends – it’s always a good idea to clearly spell out what action you want them to take.

You can ask your followers to take a friend that relates to the photo, which creates a chain reaction. The friends that are tagged see the tag, like the post, follow the account, and then tag their other friends in the post, too.


  1. Tell a Story to Connect with Your Audience

Stories are a fantastic way to create an emotional connection with your audience. Plus, because you have so much room in your caption (2200 characters) you have a lot of space to work with.

You can tell a story in one of three ways – either telling a story about something you directly experienced, telling someone else’s story (with sensitive information and details redacted or changed slightly), or by creating a fictional story that relates to your products/services, or the point you are trying to illustrate with your photo or video.

Your hashtags are part of this character limit, so keep that in mind, especially if you plan on using all 30 hashtags that are available to you. If you don’t have room for your hashtags, you can add them to a comment, but you’ll want to do it as soon as the post goes live.

As soon as you have your photo uploaded and followed by a story with a set of right hashtags, it is the best time to give your post a little boost and buy Instagram likes on it to make it look worth your viewers’ time.


  1. When in Doubt, Keep it Short

Don’t think that just because you have all that room to caption your photos and videos that you should use it. If you’re not sure what to say about an image, then the best thing you can do is keep it short and hashtag as usual. There’s no need to go on and on just for the sake of word count or length.


  1. Add Emojis

Emojis, when used properly, can add a bit of spark and creativity to your Instagram captions. A study showed that nearly half of adults use emojis as part of everyday texting, so it can make your brand more relatable.

And with more than 6 billion emoticons or stickers sent every day worldwide via messaging apps, it’s a trend that’s worth embracing. On Instagram, you can even include them in your hashtags. Just be sure you don’t go overboard, because it can make your brand look.
Along with Emojis try using a fancy Instagram font generator to make your text cool and unique. Adding any flare to your captions and bios is sure to be a hit with your fans.



  1. Use Quotes

When appropriate, you can always use inspirational or famous quotes for your Instagram captions. This works well for motivational and business brands, but can work well for others, too. When possible, for even better results, try using user-generated and personal quotes because they are completely unique to you and your brand.

Though they take more time to create, audiences will generally find them more impressive. You can use quotes from user reviews, or people who’ve used your product and experienced something life changing as a result.


  1. Speak Your Audience’s Language

Every target audience speaks in different ways, even though they may be using the same language. Things like vocabulary, slang, the words that resonate with them, and so on may be different.

Tap into how your followers speak and use it when you speak to them, to make your brand more relatable and messages more relevant. Since nearly ¾ of users are frustrated when they get irrelevant messages, it’s quite a turn off when people don’t feel like you care or have taken time to do your research.


  1. Treat Captions Like Short Blog Posts

Again, because of all the space you have available to you, you can treat each caption like a short blog post that relates to the content you’re sharing. When you look at it this way, it may be easier to come up with something to write because you’re just heavily elaborating on the photo or video.

If you’re still sure what you should be doing with your Instagram captions, take a look at what your competition and Instagram influencers in your niche are doing. Mimic their approach to connect with your ideal audience.