Beamers are available in various price classes and in different versions. The articles are used in many areas and can also be interesting for private people. A beamer has a high light intensity and can, depending on the model, reproduce the image sharper and with a higher number of pixels than overhead projectors, for example. Luminous intensity and pixels (number of pixels) of a beamer are decisive for the quality of the image reproduction. Good connectivity devices from can help keep an excellent resolution. The pixels that can be transmitted are called resolution. Good beamers should create an image resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and thus enable an image reproduction in the full HD range. The light intensity should be at 1,500 ANSI lumens in order to guarantee an excellent image.

Beamer are good option for private households and offices

Beamers are equipped with versatile functions that make the devices interesting for private households as well. Thus, products are available in the trade, which can be switched comfortably to various picture formats. Series, films and other picture contents can be reproduced in excellent quality and in the desired cinema like picture format. The interested private customer cannot only reproduce television pictures by a beamer. Another video content can also be projected onto a screen using a DVD player or computer.

Projectors are perfect for companies where employees often see each other to discuss results, plan a strategy or summarize the effects of implemented improvements in the organization. They are also useful during training sessions. During meetings, which usually take place in conference rooms, it is often necessary to display presentations.


Causes, which make a repair of the beamer necessary

Often a beamer hangs in the domestic area or as a fixed installation in presentation rooms over several years on the same spot. House dust, heating air and nicotine lead without continuous intermediate cleaning sometime to so strong pollution that often the beamer lamp is first thing to be broken.

Beamers are equipped with high-intensity lamps that develop a high temperature during commissioning. Beamer cool these temperatures down by means of built-in fans. To do this, they draw in cool air from outside and let it flow through the beamer. Constant intake of cool room air can, however, bring dirt particles into the beamer’s interior. This often disrupts the proper operation of the projector.

Beamer repair should be done professionally

A high-quality beamer is not exactly cheap and can cost more than a Full HD television. However, the purchase is worthwhile due to the numerous functions and features that a beamer has to offer. Once the device has been purchased, there is a guarantee or warranty. During this time, the manufacturer or shop provider takes care of any repairs. If the device breaks down after the warranty or guarantee period, then the question is frequently raised: “What now?” A beamer repair can be worthwhile if the purchase price of the device is high.

Beamer repair service can fix many defects

In most cases, defects in the beamer are quickly fixed. Often these are only minor errors, but they are still better taken care of by the technician than by ignorant DIY enthusiasts. Inappropriate repair by non-professionals can cause serious damages.

In order to know in advance what the repair price will be, you should ask for a cost estimate beforehand. As a rule, repair cost should not exceed half of the purchase price of the beamer. But often repair cost are much lower so that it makes sense to have the beamer repaired.

In general, all defects or damage can be repaired by professional service companies. Usually the cause is a defective power supply, the beamer lamp is defective or only dirt in the optical system needs to be repaired or cleaned. But even more complex faults are no problem for trained technicians.

Beamer repair is a specialized business

Many electrical engineering shops also offer the repair of expensive beamers. However, the large selection also carries the risk of ending up with an inexperienced repairer. Result can be a high repair price or an inappropriate information of unrepairable device.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right repair offer. Before choosing a repair shop, you should read the operating instructions. There are first hints what which error code means and what can be done in case of a certain error. If the problem cannot be solved using the operating instructions, then a specialist workshop should be chosen that understands how to repair the existing beamer model.

Be aware that a cost estimate from a service provider often will be charged. Cost for inspection vary substantially. You can ask or check those charges easily by internet or phone beforehand. If you have the chance to get a technician on phone, even better. Especially some internet beamer repair providers do have short failure reviews on their website where you can find first hints to your specific problem.

And it is advisable to choose a workshop with good customer reviews. More information and tips can be found at Beamer-Reparatur-Zentrum.


Beamer repairs should be carried out professionally, regardless of whether a lamp is being replaced or a specific technical fault needs to be rectified. Many repair shops offer service but specification is a key factor for success. The beamer service life can be increased by users themselves. The correct care is usually indicated in the operating instructions. As a general rule, especially ventilation elements should be cleaned from dust from time to time so that no avoidable overheating takes place.