It’s all about the little things


You may love your significant other more than anything on the planet but simply telling them is not always enough. A thoughtful gesture here or there will go a long way to show that you truly care and are invested in the relationship.

Unfortunately, most of us are not well versed with the love language that is small gestures. Maybe you are used to grand displays with flash mobs, extravagant gifts, and the likes. Or maybe you don’t have a single romantic bone in your body, and you want to change for your beau. Here are nine simple gestures that will cost you nothing but will mean the world to your partner.


1. Sincere compliments

Everyone loves compliments. So, next time you talk to your love interest on, make a positive comment about your partner’s outfit or the way she wore her hair to the online date. It will make them feel special, especially if you are sincere about it.


2. Noticing the quirky little details

It is not enough to compliment the obvious things like clothes or their cooking. I mean, anyone can do this for them. As the significant other, it is your job to notice and verbally appreciate those small quirks that make them special. Like how she chews on her pinkie nail when she’s thinking hard. Or how he gets nervous every time you get on or off the mall escalators.


3. Boyfriend/girlfriend show-and-tell

You can show your partner you care by showing them off to your friends and family. It is a sign that you are truly proud of them and to have them in your life.

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4. Listening and remembering every detail

Communication is the secret to success in a relationship. Here, listening is the best thing you can do for your partner. In addition to letting them open up, you need to make a conscious effort to remember as much as possible.

There is truly nothing more frustrating than telling your partner something and having to repeat it multiple times. Forgetting details makes it seem that the information was not important enough for you to remember.


5. Love notes and letters

In a day and age where instant messaging is taking over, traditional letters and notes are a breath of fresh air. Channel your inner old-school romantic and pen down your emotions. It is a simple gesture but one that will be greatly appreciated.


6. Lending a hand

Sometimes all your loved one wants is some help. Help with house chores. Help with errands. Sometimes even help with grooming. Lending a hand shows you care and you do not want them to struggle too much.


7. Show interest in what they love

If your partner is passionate about something you don’t particularly care about, it is time for you to start getting interested. Say for example your lover is really into college football. No one expects you to become an instant expert on the sport, just make an effort to learn a little about it. It is also important that you avoid, at all costs, cutting them down for loving something you do not understand.


8. Hand-made gifts

Store-bought gifts are nice and all, but they lack the personal touch that DIY gifts have. These days, you don’t even have to be super creative to make something for your beau. Just go online and take advantage of all the DIY craft tutorials there are. You could customize a mug, make an origami bouquet or even create a sentimental scrapbook with all your special memories.


9. Social media support

In the millennial age, this list would not be complete without mentioning social media. If your significant other is big into these platforms, then it is your job to be their number one fan. Like every photo, shared post and meaningless quote they have. Even those awkward emo posts they put up when they were in high school.