9 Great Video Games To Keep Fit

Today’s videogames aren’t all about sitting down on the couch for hours on end. Some encourage players to stand up, move about and exercise to gain levels, achieve high scores and get a slimmer physique!

Take a look at these 9 video games to keep fit below and if you’re interested in seeing more gaming news and even reviews check out Buff Nerf Repeat.

Wii Fit

Nintendo’s gaming console revolutionized how we play games, and with that technology came the opportunity to become healthy in a fun way. The Wii Fit, when paired with the Balance Board gives you a host of low-impact exercise routines which allows you to work towards your fitness goals. Fire it up and you can choose from over 40 in-game activities, including yoga, aerobics, strength training and more. If you don’t currently own a games console the best one to get in terms of fun and fitness is probably the Wii, you can pick them up pretty cheap now too or if you have a little more money to spare the Nintendo Switch is equally as good.

Your Shape

Your Shape on the Xbox 360 gives players a completely customizable workout that can be tweaked according to fitness goals and how light or intense they want their exercise sessions to be. In the game, you can hire a personal trainer, sign up for different fitness classes or challenge yourself in various gym activities that push your limits. Your Shape gives you on-screen feedback and mirrors your body so you can correct your stance or adjust your form accordingly.

WipeOut – Create & Crash

If you’ve watched WipeOut on TV then you’ll know how this title plays out. You’ll be participating in various virtual obstacle courses such as WipeOuts Ahoy or Prehistoric Panic that test your balance, endurance and agility. You can even design your very own WipeOut obstacle course and share them with fellow WipeOut players on the Xbox 360 and Wii.

The Biggest Loser

Enter the virtual reality TV show and enter vital information, i.e., height, weight, age and level of exercise. The game puts out a personalized workout plan designed especially for you, including the best exercises, the right kind of diet and a few daily challenges that will motivate you to accomplish your goals. You also get daily stats and a progress chart so you know where you are and how you’re doing in the program.

Dance Dance Revolution

DDR is a popular fitness title that began life as an arcade game. The premise is simple- place your feet on the designated arrows on the ground via on-screen instructions and to the tune of the dance music. Do it right and you can get to the end of the song with a high score. Today, Dance Dance Revolution can be played how you like it- using only your arms, with a Balance Board, a Wii Remote or with the traditional dance pad.

Zumba Fitness

You won’t have to leave your home to get your Zumba fix. Pop in Zumba Fitness on your Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii and you can have a cardio session no matter the time of day. Much like Dance Dance Revolution and other similar games, you move to the beat of the music. Choose from 20, 45 or 60-minute workouts and sweat away!


One of the newest games designed for the VR, or virtual reality platform, playing Widerun will require either the Samsung Gear VR or the Oculus Rift and a stationary bicycle. Instead of staring at the wall, you can choose from relaxing scenery such as the Swiss Alps or the bustling city of New York as you cycle your way to a fitter you.

Beachbody P90X

Beachbody P90X is for those who are looking for an extreme workout challenge. Inside the game, there are 5 routines that will work every muscle in your body. Customized sessions are also available if you want to target specific muscle groups. Adding the Kinect gives players the ability to see their form and correct it as they exercise.


ICAROS gives you a surreal flying experience while combining motion and exercise. The machine is made to follow your movements while cupping your elbows and knees and lifting you off the ground. There are many locations to choose from, and you get improved reflex, concentration and balance each time you step up.

Nike + Kinect Training

Nike + Kinect Training gives you a personalized workout designed to increase endurance and cardio limits. A virtual avatar provides on-screen instructions and tracks your progress as you work on various fitness goals, including weight loss, muscle toning or strength building. There are also a few game modes, such as jumping over hurdles and playing dodgeball to keep things interesting.

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