The Retirement Villages In Brisbane

The need to settle down and go home after a long day is necessary. A person may roam all countries and yet there is not comfort like home. With such comfort, comes great safety. Homes are supposed to be your one and only comfort and safe zone. Latitude 25 gives you all; comfort, safety, luxury and facilities. You may as well start to look at the various options available on our website. After all, homes are your own imagination. We build what you desire.

Hervey Bay, surrounded by the sun breeze and beaches, provides a comfort that surpasses all. Residents get to enjoy their luxuries of life without any hassle of worrying about the future. Latitude25 is your perfect choice for future plan. After retirement, people who seek the comfort after constantly working their lives may as well opt for the Retirement Village in Brisbane.


Master plan

The new RV style home, introduced by Latitude25, makes your comfort and experience as good as it gets. Retirement Village Brisbane Master plan is the upcoming Retirement planned homes for the people who need to be at ease in life. The grand master plan introduces a worth enjoying view with the perfect landscape. You can now enjoy the basic necessities as well as the upfront luxuries. This is given to you at the very reasonable rates and availability. Do not fear the time to come as Latitude25 makes sure you have it all under one roof and community. What people miss in the society is a decent way of living with a trusting neighborhood. Even though basic facilities are available, a safe house is what the people tend to move to. At LAtitude25, the promise of safety is guaranteed. You need to put your trust in our hands. We do not disappoint our prestigious clients.



  • A wellness club for the residents who want to enjoy the view and avail the extra facilities. Swimming pool included with the cocktails at bar. The lavish cuisine and the fast food are also available at one stop shop. For kids, you can enjoy the facilities of roaming and playing with no tension whatsoever.
  • Sports for you! A full tennis court for the residents and members of the wellness club. Also, you can enjoy a green bowling area to yourself. Above all, do not miss the extravagant gold putting area. What more? The lush green lawns and well-maintained gardens give you a fresh feel of living inside a haven. You may not realize but the environment you live in has a lot to say about you. People with no greenery in their neighborhood may feel deprived of this basic necessity.
  • The lakes you go for searching are at your doorstep. In those green gardens, you can enjoy sitting by the lake with your family, kids playing and have a meal. A BBQ facility is also provided just by the lake. You can choose a perfect time for the BBQ and call upon your friends. Latitude25 proudly invites you for a lifetime experience at retirement village.
  • We may agree or not but men do deserve to have some time to themselves. For that purpose, there is an assigned area for men only, known by Men’s shed. Play, sit, talk or do whatever you please. Plan a get together for your friends and tell them what a paradise you live in!
  • A gym for your fitness. At retirement village, you do focus on your health conditions. For that, an exclusive gym is available. Changing rooms are just attached to the gym.
  • In Latitude25, RV is your friend. The garages at your home are designed to hold that giant vehicle, and would comfortably fit a touring caravan. However, the community clubs and wellness center also facilitate you in having your vehicle at our parking area. A designated wash bay is also available for having your cars and RVs washed.
  • For ladies, health and beauty practitioners are available on your doorstep. You need not go anywhere for your beauty tips and consults. We have it all for you!
  • A designated art room and hobby room are assigned for the residents. Our services of having your personal space and time are available at any hour of the day. Let yourself, kids, relatives and friends enjoy it all at Latitude25.
  • Library and games room for peace and calm. Refuel your day and your mind with the wise words and the games.


Infrastructure at Latitude25

The homes at Latitude25 are designed to serve you in a way that you may not be uncomfortable at any point in life. Your comfort is the promise we give. Our dimensions are built to provide sunlight, breeze, privacy and a mesmerizing view to that lakes and greenery. Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety of rooms and study. You can also customize it with the taste of your suiting. This is all your comfort at LAtitude25. Not only this, but the prices are highly affordable too.

The garages of the homes at Latitude25 are well built to cater your size of vehicle. Even though they are especially designed to hold an RV at the go but they also hold your vehicle as well. The electrical switches and the water tank to use for your vehicle are carefully planned. These things do matter and make a difference on your go.

The life you choose for yourself is in your hands. With all the things aside, home is not just a building. It’s a feeling. Latitude25 is your destination to that feeling. All depends on what you choose. We hope that latitude25 is your destination at the end. Reliving the dream of a perfect home is in your hands now!

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