A Complete Guide To Buy The Right Canvas Tent

wall tent

Are you planning on going to a camping trip? Are you worried about which type of tent you should bring? Then, this guide is just for you. There are many types of tents that are available. Canvas tents are the most popular and their popularity is only likely to increase as people learn more about them. There is a reason why they outsell nylon tents. Canvas tents are insulating, environmentally friendly, waterproof, and breathable. Many camping tents tend to be made from nylon polyester and other plastics that are cheap. However, nylon tents lack the weather resistance and durability offered by canvas tents. This complete guide to buy the right canvas tent looks at just at every single thing that one could possibly think of when it comes to buying a canvas tent. It is important that you have an amazing camping experience and this guide will help ensure that you have the perfect canvas tent to enjoy your next camping trip. The guide looks at the different styles, features and fabric options that are available in canvas tents. Moreover, it also looks at what is important when looking for the right canvas tent. There is no denying that canvas is the ultimate tent material unlike plastic.

Canvas Tent Styles

When it comes to canvas tents, they are available in a diverse range of style. Thus, there is a canvas tent for just about everyone. Some of the most popular canvas tent styles are mentioned below.

Wall Tent

A wall tent is one of the most popular style of canvas tents. It tends to be made from higher quality and heavier canvas. It is important to buy a wall tent from a company that tests its canvas fabric. Normally, the canvas fabric used in a wall tent is much stronger as compared to other types. The wall tent comes with a wide range of items such as a sod cloth, groundsheet, extra windows, and frame structure. Wall tents are made from cotton canvas. Thus, they are breathable as they allow a small amount of air to flow through the fabric which ensures that the humidity and dampness inside of the tent is taken care of. Moreover, the wall tent is waterproof and is less prone to condensation. The wall tent is available in four distinctive sizes. The four sizes are 16’x20′, 14’x16′, 12’x14′, and 10’x12′. Whether you want to camp with your family or even by yourself, the wall tent is the perfect option.

The wall tent comes with a single canvas door which is easy to use and a bug mesh at the entrance. There is also a buckle fastening system in place. It provides greater protection to ensure that the tent remains dry even during strong winds and heavy rain. If you want to set up the wall tent, it should take you around 30 to 40 minutes to fully set it up. However, you need to keep in mind that when it comes to setting up, there need to be at least two people as the tent fabric and frame are quite heavy.

Bell Tent

Another recognizable tent style is the bell tent. It features a central pole that provides excellent support to the canvas. Thus, the bell tent is known for having a classical shape. The ropes provide stability and an A-frame pole is formed. Bell tent is commonly used for leisure, traveling, and human shelter. The simple structure design of the bell tent provides perfect stability to the tent which is further reinforced using the guy ropes that are connected to the top of the walls. The unique circular floor plan makes the bell tent a great tent for friends and lovers. The tent is available in different sizes depending on what your preference and use is. Moreover, the spacious interior of the bell tent means that it can easily fit a small family.

Canvas Tent

If you are planning on having the best camping adventure, then you need a canvas tent. The fabric is plain-weave and commonly available in cotton. The tent is very versatile and suits a wide range of applications. Moreover, canvas tent is much heavier. It is available in medium to heavy weight. Thus, it is well-suited for  projects that feature more wear and tear. Due to the durable materials used in a canvas tent, it is better suited for longer camping trips. It is also more breathable and heavy duty. The canvas tent is a better option as compared to nylon. It is ideal for winter conditions. The cold wind will be blocked out because of the heavy duty fabric. Moreover, the canvas tent is functional for the summer as well. The tent has been designed for all 4 seasons. It will satisfy all your camping needs.


Canvas Tent Features

There are various features of a canvas tent. It is due to these features that the canvas tent has become a household name around the world. Some of the main features of the canvas tent are mentioned below.

Heat Efficiency

A canvas tent provides great heat efficiency. It can be used safely with tent stoves that rely on wood burning. Thus, the canvas tent offers superior comfort for all four seasons. Since cotton is a poor conductor, it is a better insulator as compared to plastic. The surface of the tent is tight and it prevents rain drops and water from passing into the tight weave of the canvas tent. The water runs off along the slope which ensures that the tent is naturally dry. The weave further tightens in wet conditions like heavy rain as the cotton canvas fibers start to swell.

Superior Durability

Canvas tents are repairable, rip resistant, and tough. The tent can easily last for a number of years. Tears and rips from extreme winds and falling branches would not affect the tent as it is extremely durable. The tent can also be easily repaired using a simple thread and needle. It is also waterproof. A sewing machine will tackle customization and complex repairs.

Amazing Ventilation

Another important feature that sets the canvas tent apart from other types of tents is ventilation. A canvas tent offers amazing ventilation. Besides natural breathability of the cotton material, the tent is equipped with mesh covered windows and vents which provide better ventilation to users of the tent. Moreover, you can also customize ventilation according to your preference and the weather in general.

Environmental Friendly

If you are looking for an environmental friendly tent for camping, then you need a canvas tent. It is a known fact that canvas tents are environmental friendly. Moreover, if you are planning on camping in an area that requires protection from littering and other related issues, it is a good idea to opt for a canvas tent.


Canvas Tent Fabric Options

Canvas tents are available in different fabric options. It is important to know more about the fabric options available in order to choose the right fabric for your canvas tent. There are many fabrics that are used for making tents. Some of these are man-made fabrics. The following are some of the popular fabric options.


Polyester is a fabric that is commonly used for making a canvas tent. It is lightweight, less susceptible to mildew and mold, and more durable. Moreover, polyester is also less likely to absorb water unlike cotton. A great thing about polyester is the fact that the fabric does not shrink and retains its original shape.

Extreme Tent Cloth

Another popular fabric that is widely used in canvas tents is extreme tent cloth. It is similar to polyester as it is durable, strong, and lightweight. Extreme tent cloth is also resistant to UV rays. It is popular and many positive reviews of the fabric can be found online. However, it is important to note that extreme tent cloth is a material which does not breath and it is due to this reason that condensation occurs. But, to combat this issue, the latest fabric variety comes with many vent holes which makes it difficult to keep the tent warm. Snow building on the complex is another issue that has to be dealt with. It is ideal for spring.


Relite is another lighter weight fabric which is widely used. There are some tents which also blend canvas and Relite. The side walls, door, and end wall are made from Relite, whereas, canvas is used for making the roof. Keep in mind that Relite tends to experience a lot of wear in just a few years and might not be the best option when it comes to durability. It is only a great option where there is a need for reduced weight.          Otherwise, it is better to stick to the traditional canvas tent that is made from cotton.


What Should You Look For When Buying A Canvas Tent?

There are certain things that you need to look out for when buying a canvas tent. If you have any questions related to buying a canvas tent, then you need to check out these frequently answered questions (FAQs) as they tackle all important questions that you could possibly think about. Before you end up buying a canvas tent, make sure to look at the following factors as they will help you determine whether the canvas tent is the right one for you or not.

  1. Space

The first thing that you need to consider is space. Canvas tents are available in different sizes. They can be used by a single person or even an entire family. It all depends on the size of the tent that you buy. There are all types of sizes that are available. Choose a size that offers optimal space in order for everyone to comfortably fit into the tent. As there are many sizes that are available, make sure you give each size a try to determine which size suits your needs perfectly.

  1. Comfort

Although canvas tents are comfortable in general, some canvas tents are more comfortable than others. This is why you need to make sure that the canvas tent that you do end up purchasing provides you with the best comfort. Since you might have to spend a week or more on a camping trip, it is crucial that you choose a canvas tent that is comfortable. Do not focus on cost alone and avoid compromising on comfort.

  1. Price

Price does not necessarily equate to quality. This is why you need to look at the price of the canvas tent before you make a purchase. Many companies even offer massive discounts when you buy more than one canvas tent. Hence, it is a good idea to cash in on this opportunity by shopping for a canvas tent with your friends or family members. Do not make the mistake of buying the first canvas tent that you come across. There might be a cheaper or more affordable option available as well.

  1. Shipping

As most of the purchases made in today’s world are online, it is important that you go through the shipping terms and conditions. Before you make the purchase, make sure that the company offers shipping to your desired location. Otherwise, you would need to travel to a new destination just to collect the canvas tent which would only add unnecessary cost.

  1. Longevity

Another important factor that you should consider when buying a canvas tent is longevity. Normally, when someone buys a canvas tent, it is bought for a long-term basis. Thus, it is vital that you choose a canvas tent that offers greater durability and has a long life.

  1. Quality

Quality is something that you should never compromise when it comes to a canvas tent. Always focus on quality as a determining factor. Moreover, a high quality canvas tent will be more likely to be durable.

  1. Brand

Finally, you need to choose a canvas tent from a company that is focused on its brand. By choosing such a company, you can be rest assured knowing that the company will be concerned with providing you an excellent canvas tent.