Are you pregnant and considering whether to give chiropractic care a try? Do you want to learn more about chiropractic care? Then, you should know that many women around the globe rely on chiropractic care for a healthier delivery. Chiropractic care is completely safe and en effective measure during pregnancy. Not only does chiropractic care help manage joints, hips, and back pain, but it also ensures that pelvic balance is established early only. Thus, your baby will have more space through the course of the pregnancy. This results in an easier and much faster delivery. When women think about pregnancy, the first thing that comes to their mind is lower back pain and pain in the hips. This is why pregnant women should visit a chiropractor to deal with the pain.

There are many physical and hormonal changes that one experiences during pregnancy. These changes have a great impact on comfort and posture. As the baby grows, it becomes heavier and your posture has to adjust accordingly. It is common for such physical changes to lead to misaligned joints or even a misaligned spine. Some other painful changes that are common during pregnancy are mentioned below.

  • Changes in the pelvis as the body prepares itself for labor
  • The abdomen starts to protrude which results in a curved back.
  • Difficult to maintain posture.

Is It Safe To See A Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

It is crucial to use a safe pain-alleviating procedure. If you are wondering whether chiropractic care is the right option, then you should know that it is an entirely safe practice that pregnant women have learnt to rely upon. In simple words, chiropractic care is used for health maintenance of your spinal column during pregnancy. It ensures that misaligned joints are properly adjusted to avoid any excruciating pain. The important thing to note is the fact that chiropractic care does not involve any surgery or drugs. Instead, it is a type of physical therapy which helps promote health and reduces stress in the spinal nerves. Over a million chiropractic adjustments are provided every single day around the world. It is rare for any complications to occur. Therefore, chiropractic care is considered to be safe. However, there are certain circumstances where it might not be a good idea to seek chiropractic care. This is why it is vital to seek approval from your doctor before you decide to see a chiropractor during your pregnancy. Moreover, it is not recommended to seek chiropractic care in the following circumstances.

  • Severe or moderate toxemia.
  • Ectopic pregnancy.
  • Placenta abruption or placenta previa.
  • Vaginal bleeding.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that even though all licensed chiropractor undergo training, some of them are specialized in prenatal care. Make sure to choose a chiropractor who specializes in this area or you can always ask your doctor for a referral. Adjusting tables are used by chiropractors to adjust pregnant women in order to accommodate belly growth. Chiropractors are not permitted to use techniques which put pressure on your abdomen. They will illustrate effective stretches which help relieve tension and ease discomfort.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

There are many benefits of seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy. It is important to choose a professional chiropractor such as chiropractor concord ca to ensure that you get to take complete advantage of chiropractic care. According to a medical study which looked at collaborative chiropractic, it was found that about 75% of pregnant patients of chiropractic care reported to have experienced pain relief. Moreover, the adjustments help reestablish balance. The alignment of your spine and pelvis will make the pregnancy less painful. Some of the main benefits of chiropractic care are mentioned below.

Reduced Nausea

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness or nausea. It makes you feel highly uncomfortable and is extremely difficult to endure during the first trimester of your pregnancy. This is why you need to seek chiropractic care as a chiropractor would help reduce the vomiting and nausea that you experience. The chiropractor would do this by realigning the spine to improve the functioning of your nervous system. Thus, your hormone levels would reach a much healthier balance which will lessen or even eliminate morning sickness altogether. If you believe that the nausea you are experiencing is triggered by constipation or heartburn, you just need chiropractic care to improve any digestive issues.

Easier Delivery and Labor

Labor and delivery are both extremely painful. However, with chiropractic care you will experience shorter labor and an easier birthing process unlike the usual hours-long labor and difficult delivery. When you get regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy, your hips, spine, and pelvis will be properly aligned to ensure that the nerves continue doing what they do best. It is your nerves that are responsible for dilating the cervix during labor and controlling the contractions during delivery. This means that optimal nerve health is crucial to experiencing a faster and easier labor and delivery with less discomfort and pain. Chiropractic care is ideal for women that seek natural childbirth without any medications.

Relieves Back Pain

When your body undergoes labor and delivery, a hormone known as relaxin is released. This hormone loosens and relaxes the joints and ligaments in the pelvic area.  Hence, one might experience pain and instability in their spines as the ligaments would become more fragile and looser. However, back pain can be relieved through regular adjustments from a chiropractor. Furthermore, back pain causes many postural problems and results in a much heavier belly. Normally, women curve their backs unintentionally which causes back pain as the spine is thrown out of alignment. The adjustments help correct spinal curvature and posture.

Healthier Pregnancy

Finally, when you opt for chiropractic care, you will experience a much healthier pregnancy. The main objective of chiropractic care is to remove and address any nerve obstructions which are common in your spinal column. It ensures that the immune system and organs continue to function at their optimal levels.