A Complete Guide to Shopping for Custom Packaging


Custom product packaging and printing is the daily need of the people. Especially for the people of the USA who are relying on the custom boxes for their product packaging. There are several businesses that are opening on a daily basis and for every physical product, you would require some packaging as well. Let’s discuss something about past trends. About 20 to 30 years ago, the use of custom packaging was not very common. People were relying on the plain or blank boxes for the packaging of the items and no one was paying special attention towards the packaging of their product.

In 2020, these trends have been changed. Intelligent business owners have realized the importance of custom printed boxes for their business. These boxes act as a first impression of your product and if your packaging box is not that attractive, you may lose the attention of your desired customer. So, I will conclude that these wholesale custom printed boxes can play an important role in generating more revenue, lead, and sales of your company. In the next part, we will discuss how to choose the perfect custom boxes for your product.


How to Choose Custom Boxes for your Product

I am writing this guide by assuming that you don’t know anything about custom packaging. That’s why we are starting from scratch. Before shopping of custom boxes, you need to know about the exact dimensions and approximate weight of your product. Usually, dimensions are calculated in terms of width, height, and depth. Most of the people use inches, while others like the measurements in cm or mm. Anyways, our aim is to get the exact measurement of our product. So, we can order the custom boxes with perfect sizes. You have the choice of choosing between snug and loose-fitting as well.

After finalizing the dimensions of your product, you need to finalize the stock and style of the box that is the most important step in my opinion. Usually, you can choose between Cardboard, Kraft, Corrugated, Bux Board, and Rigid stock. People who have the problem of extremely low budgets can go with the Bux Board stock but we don’t recommend them as they are of low quality. So, normally you are left with Cardboard, Kraft, Corrugated and Rigid Stock.

The rigid stock is usually used if your product is expensive because the rigid stock is also expensive as compared to the other options. This stock is not used for the normal product but it’s up to 3mm thick. That’s why it can also be used for shipping purposes.   

Corrugated stock is a famous stock that is mainly used for the boxes that are used for the purposes of direct shipping. Custom mailer boxes are manufactured using corrugated stock that is directly used for the shipping and is a good example of corrugated stock.

For all other retail products, you can choose between Kraft and cardboard stock. Their thickness can be chosen from 12pt to 24pt depending upon the weight of your product and multiple other factors as well. If you need more thickness in the above mentioned stocks, you can contact a good custom packaging company as well.


Combination of Offset Printing with Custom Boxes

Offset printing is an advanced technology of printing in which ink is not directly transferred onto the printable surface. It’s transferred into a rubber blanket and then on any printable object that can include paper, cardboard tin, etc. This technology has changed the industry of custom packaging and is highly recommended as well.

You can print any kind of complex and beautiful artwork on the boxes using offset printing technology as their results are amazing. With the offset printing technology, you can use a variety of inks like metallic ink, ink with Pantone colors, and many options that are not available in the digital printing. In short, offset printing technology is a blessing for the industry of custom packaging.

Along with offset printing you can choose many add-ons including die-cut holes, PVC windows, Laminations, UV, and much more. These all factors are strong enough to attract a potential customer towards your product.



We have tried to cover all basic to advanced information about the custom packaging. I hope that after reading our guide you will able to select custom boxes for your products.

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