The Term “SEO is Dead” Might be True After all

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Over the years, I’ve been hearing the term “SEO is dead” from many colleagues that work with SEO related work. I usually ignore them because I believe it’s not entirely true and they just need to apply different methods on their SEO strategy.

For those who don’t know, SEO is the short term for search engine optimization, this field of work involves working to make a business website visible in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Why this is important for any business? One crucial reason would be to enable businesses to sell their product or service. Without people find you on the search engines, the only way you can get people to buy your product or service is by traditional marketing or promotion methods such as advertisement by banner ads or some even try advertising in newspapers and magazines. However this traditional method is costly and most did not yield the target results, you can spend thousands of dollars on promoting your product and service but only have the return of investment (ROI) about 1%, yes that happens sometimes. This is the reason why SEO is important to your businesses.

However with the help of SEO apply to your business website, you can have online users visit you via online and order product and service from you directly. Now, this is important, 80% of online users that visited your business website will be interested in your product and service. Why? Because they found your website via a search engine when they are searching for a particular product and service related to your business. Crazyegg explained well the process of converting online visitors into customers. That’s why SEO is like a machine that pumps your revenue, so to speak.

Google Algorithm Changes Everything

Being the most popular search engine in the world, Google practically controls the up and down flow of online businesses. Your online e-commerce sales can be increasing day by day from SEO results but it can also bring you down overnight, that’s the power of Google algorithm.

Although algorithm updates are beneficial to website links metric, the updates can filter spam links and contents, identify the website that uses blackhat methods such as PBN links building, showing more deep related search results on Google search query and many more search and link optimization. Visit this link for more Google algorithm updates explanation.

However each time Google algorithm update, there’s a 60% chance that all the SEO work you’ve done to a website before the update will be wasted, you’ll never know what can or cannot do each time the update rolls out.

Why I Start to believe “SEO is dead”?

Simple to say, even if you take the whitehat strategy on link buildings when the update comes, slight detection of bad linking (intentionally or non-intentionally) by other websites or maybe your competitions will drop you to bottom pit. And here’s what frustrated me the most, when dealing with bad links, you need to scan, search, and identify which is a good link, spam link, and the worst bad link. This goes both ways, you’re hoping the website will link you but you also picky about which website that linked you. In the end, the link builder will need to do Google scrubs work of checking links toxic, which I think Google should identify this automatically.

Final words

Don’t get me wrong, making updates to how search engines operate is great. However if at the expense of making all the hard work of white hat SEO builder go down the drain, then I would hate to see SEO company or individual working on website’s search engine optimization gave up on building links the proper way.

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