If you need to know how to get ready to take GAMSAT Part 3, you can find a lot of info from several sources. However, opposite opinions exist on whether or not to use Des O’Neil.

ACER is who administers the GAMSAT test, yet even they do not say much about how to do it. So, lots of speculations exist out there on the way to get the best score.

I won’t say I somehow know the answer to this or other questions concerning the test, so my article is merely going to give you my own advice, not the some totally approved conclusion. You should always be on the lookout for the newest advice based on other people who’ve done well on the GAMSAT and likely have some super tips.

I put together the following info based on the experiences I had. I took the test twice, failed first and passed the second. Plus I have helped other people as well as analyzed successful test takers who got a very high score.

Vital info

Part three is the section on “Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences.” It’s also the longest section, as well as the hardest GAMSAT section. All of the GAMSAT questions here consist of multiple choice.

Actually, how much time you need to answer each of the questions is going to differ. A few of them require more concentration to get them right. Therefore, you should merely consider the average timeframe as a guide, not a definite amount.


ACER’s official advice:

Part 3 doesn’t have an official syllabus. I SAY AGAIN. There’s not an official syllabus! No one knows the reason, but it sure as heck is annoying.

Though, ACER does offer a bit of advice that’s useful. Here is a summary:

  • Inside their Information Booklet it’s explained that attaining “success in GAMSAT isn’t likely unless you have both knowledgeas well as ability in both physical and biological.”
  • Also, it says the sections are divided up as: 40 percent Biology, 40 percent Chemistry, and 20 percent Physics.
  • Plus, they list all the problem solving and reasoning skills which are tested within this, i.e. analyzing, interpreting data, interpolation, extrapolation, estimation, assessing lines of reasoning, choosing relevant information and making generalizations.
  • Within the preparation strategy section it’s recommended to obtain first year degree level Biology and Chemistry books, as well as A level / leaving certificate / year 12 level Physics so you can get a specific level of “presumed knowledge”.

My own experience:

I am a science graduate who took the GAMSAT two times. For the first one my mark was one under Nottingham’s cutoff. I got gutted. However, for the 2nd one, my score was great, I was in the top 12 percent.

The 1sttime I observed there was a good amount of Physics. But I am weak in that science so that could be why it seemed so to me.

The 2ndtime it seemed there was hardly any amount of Organic Chemistry. Actually, the entire test seemed to hold 95 percent reasoning and only five percent knowledge though every one of the preamble’s to the questions’ contained a basis in science. I figured out it was merely reasoning worded to look like science!

I talked to many other test takers since then in online forums as well as in person. It appears I am in good company believing Gamsat section 3 is heavy on reasoning.

Chief take aways:

  • Knowledge is going assist you a little, however, it won’t help enough! That’s extremely vital for all science grads to know! Do not get too confident.
  • Its approved 40 / 40 / 20 break-up will not necessarily occur with each separate sitting. Therefore, do not get upset if you’ve got a lot questions from one science as well as a lot less of some other on the test you take.
  • Studying problem solving as well as reasoning skills ought not to be ignored when you prepare for the test.

The Unofficial syllabuses:

Without an official syllabus, one may utilize an available free version such as the one on the Gamsat Review website.

Way to study

You might know already that it is way more critical to be capable of applying knowledge, problem solving along with understanding science concepts rather just spitting out some facts with this part. This means it’s not the same as most college or school tests.

If you didn’t know that already, you get a clue by reading the section’s name: “Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences”. That’s additionally spelled out inside ACER’s official GAMSAT Information Booklets which are issued for each of the test sittings.

In order to show just how much a regular science test is different from GAMSAT,  I took several lessons via a Physics tutor to prepare for my 1st test sitting. My tutor had a PhD in Physics from one of the best universities on Earth. Still, many times even they were unsure of the answer to the GAMSAT style of questions I presented to them!

So, a fair amount of fundamental science knowledge, as well as being familiar with harder scientific concepts along with a fair knowledge of these ought to help you to better understand and do well on the questions. Considering Part  3 is exceptionally time pressured (a lot of folks do not get finished – I did not) you are likely to gain from a boost in speed, no matter if that gain is merely a small one, as you will be able to get more questions answered.

Fantastic. Although the question persists… In what way should you be studying it precisely??


Ensure you COMPREHEND what you cover in your prep.

I stress comprehending as perhaps for tests in the past you may have crammed and then got a good grade. I have spit out stuff I didn’t even really comprehend and then gotten good grades at the degree level. However, thag won’t work with GAMSAT.

Therefore, what can you do so you can actually improve your comprehension level?

You have to study the topics via a fine toothed comb. If you don’t totally comprehend something, you MUST look that up. This is crucial no matter if you think it is not effective, because it is.

After you think you know the topic well, you should still challenge yourself by asking thorough questions as well as take end-of-chapter type quizzes (which you can via Khan Academy’s website as well as in the majority of textbooks). You can additionally get your study friends, mentor or even a tutor to help you with practicing how well you understand the info.

GAMSAT type practice questions additionally are fantastic at determining if you have any flaws in comprehension or are lacking somewhere in your basic science expertise. This is the reason I am telling you to take a lot of practice tests!