App store optimization is similar to search engine optimization, but for the app store. A set of practices and methods allows an app to rank up in search matches by keywords and queries. Over the years, many mobile apps have used tools and platforms to appear on top of searches, and these tools make apps very popular in their respective digital markets.

Below are the highlights of the best and most exciting software for app store optimization, and these explain the main features and benefits of said tools.


Appfollow is an app store optimization tool that provides marketers and developers all the features they need to engage customers in searching their apps and optimizing these applications to rank up on visibility.

Here are the main features Appfollow has:

  • App store optimization KPIs
  • In-store performance measures and indices
  • Optimized notifications
  • ASO-activities monitoring and competition analytics
  • App store optimization dashboard
  • Analytics on keyword difficulty and popularity


Advanced package: $111.00/mo.

Pro package: $399.00/mo.

Enterprise: Custom pricing and only annually done

App Radar

App Radar is one of the most prolific ASO tools in the market right now. App Radar offers a dashboard of relevant keywords and quality optimization for applications. There are so many features in this software, and they are:

  • It gives you the best and most relevant keywords
  • It gives you data and analytics in-app store rankings
  • It gives you valuable data about your competitors
  • It gives you data about your potential growth
  • Let’s you discover the ways to optimize an app
  • Let’s you manage your own formulated strategies to boost your app visibility in the store
  • It gives you management options to localize apps
  • You can get reviews and feedbacks
  • You can increase productivity with efficient templates
  • It gives you a rating system to increase the conversion rate
  • For Apple’s app store, you can analyze search ads performance and metrics
  • You can harmonize paid and authentic user acquisition
  • It gives you advertising tools


Starter package: $39.00/mo.

Advanced: $69.00/mo.

Expert: $129.00/mo.


Apptweak is one of the best ASO tools out there that’s famous for various apps and games. It gives options to developers to allow their apps to become visible to the app store. There are many features and strategies that you can use to achieve the top search results and manage your data in performance and competition.

Here are the array of features it offers:

  • Keyword optimization is the most crucial part of optimizing your app’s content to achieve top search results.
  • ASO features include evaluating app pages, suggesting better optimization methods, and requesting backlogs of data and history.
  • Offers features that monitor data relative to the competition and ASO timelines for each competing app.
  • Offers ad intelligence that identifies keywords for advertising materials in your app.
  • Integrates data to match Google Play and the app store development console.


  • Starter: $58.00/mo.
  • Pro: $166.00/mo.
  • Guru: $249.00/mo.
  • Power: $499.00/mo.


ASOdesk is a phenomenal ASO tool that helps you find keywords and optimize your app quickly and efficiently. You can find many queries users’ activities in searching for their favorite apps and optimize that data to favor yours. Furthermore, you’ll also get to find out the matching keywords your competitors are using.

Features of ASOdesk are as follow:

  • Find out data changes in data form
  • It gives you relevant and quality keywords
  • Analyzes competitor keywords and performance
  • It gives you the ability to personalize reports


Startup package:

  • Startup S: $41.60
  • Startup M: $67.20
  • Startup L: $92.70
  • Startup XL: $109.7

Business Package:

  • Business S: $126.70
  • Business M: $169.1
  • Business L: $249.90
  • Business XL: $416.60


ASOMobile is the best ASO tool you can find that offers many marketing solutions that give your app the needed success in top search results. It’s a convenient software that automates your keywords for you, gives you metadata in competition, current optimization and performance evaluation tools, and an array of free tools to access as a unit or team.

The key features ASOMobile offers are:

  • Options of search queries and the ability to analyze them
  • Metadata creation for your apps
  • Traffic forecasting for keyword searches
  • Keyword indices
  • ASO level assessment for applications
  • Positions your keywords to optimize your app into the top search result
  • Application downloads and revenue analytics
  • App ratings in all categories
  • Keywords are also optimized for Apple Search Ads.
  • It analyzes market competition by category indicators, similar apps, store benchmarks, trendy keywords, and Google Play and App Store metrics evaluation.
  • Offers In-App purchases that list all search queries made for in-app purchases and are indexed by category.


  • ASO Monitor: $16.00/mo.
  • ASO Indie: $42.00/mo.
  • ASO Pro: $84.00/mo.
  • ASO Max: $169.00/mo.
  • Market Intelligence: $169.00/mo
  • Maximum: $254.00/mo.



App Store Optimization is a helpful method of marketing a developer’s app to achieve the top results in app stores. Like SEO for websites and blogs, ASO is useful in creating brand recognition under the most competitive digital marketplace on the web.

Furthermore, the best ASO tools are those that provide you with quality keyword optimization, allow you to monitor query users’ searches for reference, and adds value by enabling you to use metrics and datasheets that monitor competitor data for you to optimize your content relative to the market.

There is so much value in these applications, and almost all people with phones use apps. Because of tremendous competition, the new age of app store optimization is knocking on businesses’ doors to help in various marketing endeavors relevant and paramount to the success and growth of most companies.

Another value that’s worth noting is the efficiency you’ll have when using these tools. You will cut your lead time significantly, which achieves so many things like focusing on more critical aspects in app development, like improving the quality of the application.

Since the digital age is up-and-coming and is not seeing a decline or slow-down any time soon, consider using one of these platforms to give you the benefits of marketing your developers’ applications to set your product or service above the oversaturated market in the online arena.