Making day-to-day online transactions has already exposed a lot of users’ identities. Your personal data might leak, mainly when using traditional payment methods like credit or debit cards or wired bank transfers.

In fact, this can expose more than your identity, and it also put your hard-earned money at a lot of risk from hackers. This is because anytime you transfer standard fiat funds electronically, you aren’t using anonymous payment methods.

The need for anonymity gave birth to a more anonymous decentralised payment system – the blockchain. Blockchain uses a highly encrypted payment token which makes your transactions completely anonymous.

Since this amazing blockchain system introduction, Bitcoin has been the leading and most accepted mode of a cryptocurrency payment.

Bitcoin transparency

Bitcoin and the blockchain ecosystem offer exceptional transaction methods compared to other electronic and traditional fiat payment methods. Bitcoin enables you to make transactions anonymously without revealing your identities. Also, transacted funds are tagged with an encrypted address to which none of your private data is attached.

Another important thing to note with Bitcoin transactions is that your identity is totally protected. You only make transactions through highly encrypted addresses. Also, it is entirely decentralised. Therefore, nobody controls your transaction. With this mode of payment, there is no commission, tax charge, or transaction fee.

Additionally, Bitcoin payments are extremely fast. Cryptocurrencies are one of the quickest ways to pay online with minimal transaction fees.

How to buy Bitcoin anonymously?

  1. Buying from individuals: Buying bitcoin is straightforward. The blockchain ecosystem allows an entirely decentralised peer-to-peer trading system that will enable you to buy the coin from holders. You can buy via the p2p system on Binance, Paxful, or any other p2p integrated Bitcoin merchant.
  2. Bitcoin ATMs – work in the same way as traditional ATMs.

Bitcoin Servers

The idea of transacting online with Bitcoin has taken over e-commerce. Almost every progressive e-shop has integrated Bitcoin payments. When it comes to Bitcoin hosting services, Bitcoin payment has been a great development offered by a few professional VPS hosting providers like

Virtual Private Server is a hosting service that mimics a dedicated server virtually. The rising need for anonymity has popularised the demand for Bitcoin VPS hosting services because apart from its anonymity, it is generally more reliable and secure than standard shared hosting.

In fact, it provides better performance and privacy. Also, VPS hosting gives 100% control to the server, giving users the freedom to install any program or application. It also gives opportunities to make preferential customisation without having to go through the hosting provider.

VPS is an especially great option for programmers, startups and large businesses, game developers, SaaS providers, and web owners who need a secure, anonymous, and reliable hosting environment. servers are using DigitalOcean infrastructure with servers in various data centers across the globe. Once you run out of resources, your plan can be upscale anytime. Backups and Snapshots are available for a fraction of a price. offers flexible plans on excellent DO servers in various configurations of CPU, memory, and SSD.

Apart from the affordable plans, payments are only made through Bitcoin. To ensure complete anonymity, you do not have to submit any personal information. You don’t need to provide any ID when signing up. All you need is just an email. Forget about sharing even the smallest piece of information about yourself or revealing your identity. Also, you do not have to expose any of your credit card information.

Your transactions are completed in the blink of an eye, and your server is set up immediately. All you need is to set up an SSH key and top-up credit for your chosen plan.

Benefits of Bitcoin Hosting

The Bitcoin VPS Hosting server has several important benefits that stand out from shared or dedicated hosting services.

The main benefits of bitcoin hosting are:

  • Anonymity and Security
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliable performance
  • Cost-effectiveness


VPS bitcoin hosting have paved the way for a more reliable and more efficient hosting service. BTC VPS hosting system also guarantees the complete anonymity of its users. even offers anonymous access to the control panel thanks to an onion version of their site. Anonymous Tor browser allows users to maintain privacy and anonymity during any transaction.