A guide to buying refurbished office chairs.

Depending on where you live and work, there will be about 250-260 working days for you in 2021. It means that you, your colleague or employees will spend about 2,088 hours sitting at office chairs. That is why you need a Relaxing and comfortable chair from Ergo Tune.

We all know the significant difference a quality office chair can make for your productivity and well-being during and after the workday. That is why healthcare experts say that investment into a quality office chair is an investment into your health. However, high-end office chairs from credible and reliable brands cost thousands. Not every business owner can afford such furniture for the executive office, not to mention staff-at-large.

In this case, buying reconditioned office chairs can become a perfect solution, as you get a chance to get a quality piece at a reasonable price. However, the mark of used office desks and chairs is pretty vivid and full of pitfalls.

In this article, we shall explain how to choose, buy and fully benefit from buying reconditioned office chairs.


What should you look for in an office chair?

Once you get on the market for a reconditioned office chair, you may instantly get overwhelmed with the choice. Indeed, it may be pretty hard to make a truly informed choice when you see all those brands and modifications at reasonable prices.

That is why it is essential to understand what exactly are you looking for in your perfect reconditioned office chair. Make a list with 2 sections:

  • Things that you won`t compromise on – height-adjusting mechanism, mesh back, armrests, size, etc.;
  • Things you can be flexible with – colour, shape, brand, etc.

Of course, everyone has their priorities, so that we won`t give any recommendations about your list. However, once you understand the principal positions, it will be much easier for you to scrape through the dealer`s vast inventory and find your perfect refurbished office chair.


Know who you are buying from

Unfortunately, there are numerous unscrupulous dealers on the refurbished office furniture market. It is crucial to buy from reliable and reputable dealers to make sure that you are getting a genuine reconditioned office chair, not a cheap re-branded fake.

Is where you can find refurbished office furniture:

  • Local dealers – Knowing the local market, they are always accessible, ready for negotiation, and guarantee you comprehensive customer support. Moreover, it is always easier to find honest reviews and information about your local dealer of used office desks and chairs from fellow business owners;
  • Liquidators – since so many companies went out of business due to the recent Pandemic, office furniture liquidators got the enormous inventory and offered a wide choice of reconditioned used office desks and chairs. After some research, you can save thousands on buying branded office equipment from them;
  • Buy used office chairs online – we all got used to online shopping during the Pandemic. Today you can save a great deal of time, energy and money buying reconditioned office chairs online. However, once you aim at high-end brands and crucial pieces of office furniture, it is always better to see the items in person before making the payment. Many sellers just put brand labels on cheap fakes and then take fancy pictures making the lots look like genuine reconditioned office chairs and desks.


How to test a refurbished office chair before purchase?

Your office chair should not just look nice. Comfort and safety are the essential features of a good office chair. And when we talk about reconditioned furniture pieces, it is necessary to pay particular attention to them before making the purchase:

  • Make sure that all the mechanisms work smoothly. Sit on the chair and check it thoroughly. Adjust the height, armrests and backrest. Sit and stand up from the chair several times, roll around and take different poses. Any mechanism stall and weird sounds should be alarming signs for you;
  • Sit back and relax. Try to imagine how you will feel after several hours in that chair. Sit back and check the backrest. Do you think it is thoroughly supported? Does the seat feel comfortable? Remember, the chair may feel perfect initially but can turn into a torture instrument after several hours. Therefore it is crucial not to rush and analyse your senses thoroughly;
  • Roll the chair around. Most safety accidents happen with office chairs due to failing wheel. While buying a refurbished office chair, make sure to roll it around the place and pay attention to how smooth they work and whether you hear any sounds or feel any wobbling on the go;
  • Examine the chair thoroughly – look for any cracks, signs of wear-off or scratches on the chair`s surface and mechanisms. Some of them may appear purely aesthetical, while others turn to alter the chair`s safety and comfort.


It may take you some time and effort before you buy your perfect reconditioned office chair. However, this option is an ideal opportunity for you and your business to get high-end quality furnishing while optimising the company`s budget.