You may have heard of a vape pod. But have you ever wondered what is a vape pod and what it is used for?

If you are a CBD consumer, you may find use in purchasing a portable vape pod.

If you are wondering, how do you use a vape pod for consuming CBD liquids, we have got you covered.

What Is A Vape Pod and How Can I Use It?

Vape pod systems were made for current smokers to transition to vaping easily. Vaping is a smooth transition for former smokers, including Cannabis consumers. They are easy to use and are lightweight and portable.

In this guide, we will show you what the different vape pods are so you know how to choose one for your needs:

Types of Pod Systems

There are three types of Vape pod systems: Standard Pod, Pod AIO, and Pod Mod.

The Standard Pod comes with replaceable pods and can be activated using a button. When using a Standard Pod, a user can refill the pod with a flavor of their choice.

The Pod AIO has replaceable coils. The Pod Mod has replaceable coils and also has a screen and a chipset.

Closed System VS Open System

When purchasing a vape device, you can decide between a closed system versus an open system.

A closed system is the most popular device and is non-refillable. A user has to repurchase pre-filled pods when one runs out. With an open system, the pod remains in the vaper, and the user can refill the juice of their choice.

How Pods Work

Pods are unique devices for smoking. Similarly to pipes, they make you stand out amongst the crowd and offer an enhanced smoking experience.

But how do these pods work in the first place?

The vape pod itself is a cartridge, and the overall device is the battery. The vape pod is placed at the top portion of the device, and this is where the liquid will be stored.

Most devices can be charged via a USB cable and are operated by being pressed before the user can take a drag or “vape.”

The pod systems come in different sizes. The larger the size, the more liquid you can hold and as a result, the more often you can vape. If you are an occasional smoker, a smaller pod will suffice. If you are a regular smoker, you want to opt for a larger pod.

How To Use and Maintain Your Pods

So, how do you use and look after your pod? Make sure you follow these steps for best use:

  1. You must make sure the battery is fully charged before use
  2. Fill the liquid (if you are using a refillable pod)
  3. Wait 5 minutes before placing the pod in the device
  4. Turn on the device
  5. Press and hold the button before taking your drag

For maintenance, the general rule is not to use the device unless it is fully charged. Also, you must refill the pod (if applicable) as soon as it runs out. Turning on the device with an empty pod will burn the coil.

Vape On!

Now that you know what is a vape pod and how to use it, why not go ahead and by your first vape pod and device?

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