Lewis Raymond Taylor – A rising disruptor in the coaching industry

Lewis Raymond Taylor is an international speaker, entrepreneur, senior accredited coaching trainer, business coach, and best-selling author of Pending. His life has been a tough journey that has allowed him to create a brand out of this. Lewis Raymond Taylor is a disruptor in the coaching industry. He has launched his very own coaching program under the title The Coaching Masters. Natural progress through his journey and getting results compelled this young mastermind to help others through their journey. What started as an effort to help others quickly turned into a huge brand that has taken the coaching industry by a storm, it shows us how real talent can make a difference.

The Coaching Masters is the master child of Lewis Raymond Taylor. The program is focused on making coaching just as fashionable as being a personal trainer. It aims to provide ordinary people with the tools they need to create freedom for not just themselves but others. Lewis Raymond Taylor has truly created a course that allows individuals to launch their own online coaching business. The Coaching Masters allows anyone to open their laptop from anywhere around the globe and offer powerful coaching sessions to clients online and through video sessions. The platform is empowering individuals to provide others with a powerful experience. This has resulted in a ripple effect. The reason why the Coaching Masters is unique is that it is a solution that is offered online. Thus, users are trained to become a coach, they are taught how to get clients, and how they can coach clients over the internet. Thousands of people around the world are using the Coaching Masters to create an online business that is making a huge impact.

Lewis Raymond Taylor has had a tough journey that has made him resilient. His success was not overnight. He went through difficult times and kept pushing through. Born in 1990, Lewis Raymond Taylor has managed to achieve a lot at such a young age. He currently travels the world, speaks on stage, and hosts his events. Lewis Raymond Taylor is living the digital nomad life and is always working online. He has traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Spain, Cyprus, Singapore, and Paris while managing his business. Lewis Raymond Taylor can be found in Bali, Indonesia where he works as a digital nomad.

However, just a few years back, Lewis was in prison when in 2015, he was released after having served his third prison sentence. Having lived a life of limitations and after suffering from debt, mental illness, historic sexual abuse, trauma, and substance abuse, Lewis Raymond Taylor channeled all his experiences and became the best coach out there. His willpower allowed him to get through times that many of us would not have been able to survive. Lewis’s journey is awe-inspiring and it shows us that anything is possible.

The power of personal development and coaching allowed Lewis Raymond Taylor to not only cure his mental illness and get sober, but it allowed him to become an international speaker, senior accredited trainer, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of The Coaching Masters. The online training platform generates 7-figures. But despite all his success, Lewis Raymond Taylor is only getting started. He is on a mission to disrupt the current coaching industry. Lewis has taken coaching online and made it available to the masses. Thus, ordinary people have access to extraordinary tools to create a better future that is filled with freedom.

Lewis Raymond Taylor had an alcoholic father who put him down all the time. He regularly told him that he was a buffoon and that he would never be able to achieve anything in life. His dad even hit him and used to call him “bad”. Lewis believed his dad. It led to inner voices being created in his head that told him that he was not good enough and that he did not deserve to be successful. Lewis found this inner dialogue paralyzing. He was afraid of people considering him stupid. He was even more afraid of failing and proving his dad right. At the same time, he was also scared of succeeding and proving his dad wrong.

At the age of eleven, Lewis Raymond Taylor suffered from sexual abuse and he started getting into trouble. By the age of thirteen, he has been arrested for criminal damage, lighting fires, and shoplifting. By the age of fourteen, he developed an antisocial behavior disorder. As he turned fifteen, he got expelled from school. At eighteen he was in an institution for young offenders. The seven years that followed were years of self-destructive behavior, prison sentences, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence. During those years, he had his jaw broken, gullet tore, teeth knocked out, got hooked to cocaine, slashed with a knife, and the like. Lewis Raymond Taylor was diagnosed with three types of mental health disorders such as Bipolar Type 2, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, and Antisocial Personality Disorder for which antipsychotics were prescribed. Once he got in a police chase which resulted in a ban from driving. Dealing with dad’s death also shook him whose death was a result of alcoholism.

For years, Lewis Raymond Taylor suppressed all of his feelings. He felt discontent, restless, and angry all the time and felt that there was a void that he simply could not satisfy. He tried gambling, sex, fighting, alcohol, and drugs, but to no avail. Lewis Raymond Taylor finally realized that the reason nothing seemed to work was that he kept on trying to fix an internal problem using an external solution. It was when he stopped blaming others and took responsibility for himself that he turned his life around.

Lewis Raymond Taylor has been through it all. He is now a motivational speaker, has spoken on stages around the globe, manages a team of more than 25 people, works remotes, lives in Bali, and knows how to enjoy life. Lewis no longer recognizes his past self and has become a completely new person who is not afraid of taking risks and believes in himself. His brand’s story is an inspiration for everyone.