Choosing the best hostels in Portugal and creating a list is almost impossible (at least within the confines of this short article); since Portugal is such a large country and different people have different preferences about where they want to stay in Portugal. Some people would want to stay somewhere quiet and calm up in the mountains of Portugal whereas some want to be at the heart of it all wanting to stay in a busy area and partying all night or day; maybe even both.  In addition to this, what do people want during their stay in Portugal? Are they on a business trip and just want a cheap stay easy commute? Are they there to part? On a getaway from home. Well, hopefully, this should be covered in this short (and hopefully) exciting article.


A place away from it all.

Gerês is a large mountainous area in Portugal on the very border between Spain. It has a large area of green fields along with long hiking trails with deep cliff edges. It is beautifully filled with wildlife and has been voted online as one of the sites that you must see before you die as it is truly breathtaking to the point where no picture can truly capture its beauty. The best hostels in this area according to customers online is Hostel Gerês located directly in the mountainous region offering a breathtaking view of the mountain from the window and offers a hearty breakfast all for the low, low price of twenty-seven pounds (GPB ) per night. Furthermore, bus and public transport is easily accessible to and from the place perfect for going somewhere else for shopping e.t.c. However, this area is quite so nightlife isn’t so good.

Another hostel that you should also consider is Albergaria Stop where it is just on the outskirts of this national park reserve and close to a loch located just north of this resort. This hostel offers breakfast, a tennis court, and pool but at a slightly higher price. This would be perfect for someone who wants a luxurious holiday, close to nature but not in it but not paying the price for a luxurious holiday (i.e. don’t want to pay for daylight robbery).


Right in the heart of the place

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It is full of business and options for public transport; so that’s it’s easy for transport to and from whatever you are doing and especially for your business trips. It’s also great for the city’s nightlife with pubs, bars, and clubs dotted around the place perfect for partying all day if that’s what you wish to do. It’s also great if you have kids as there is plenty of interesting tourist attractions about the place and other free attractions such as museums available here. This is a great place to stay in general, but I do have a problem. The place is too big to be able to list the best hostels as things such as price and quality vary all over the place and both come in as a huge factor for considering the best hostel to stay. Thankfully there is a great website that has taken this into consideration for this location and gives general travel advice for elsewhere too. Information on the best hostels in Lisbon  can be found here: