Awesome Ways to Give New Life to Old Furniture

Let’s be honest, buying new furniture can sometimes prove to be an expensive venture. Yet old furniture can turn your home into a boring atmosphere. The simplest solution to making your home look all new and lively is by giving your old furniture some life by redoing them. You can also do this with that unique but old bedside table with drawers you just bought at the ratty thrift store. Doing a facelift to your furniture is a great way of improving the general look of your home.

So, let take a look at some great DIY ideas to give life to your furniture and put personality back into your space.

1. Paint it a Fun Colour

The good thing about paint is that you can keep changing it until you find the colour that pleases you. This is the simplest and boldest way to give that old furniture some new life. It’s usually scary at first, but once you get it done, you will love the touch it brings into your home. Even old-style furniture looks fabulous and cool when you apply a modern colour on it.

2. Stencil It

This idea is one of the fairly inexpensive ways to add personality and interest to your furniture. Stencils are simple to use, and you can decorate almost any kind of furniture with it. The best part is, you can use it many times and on more than just furniture. This is also an awesome way to redo old kids reclining chairs so that they look exciting again.

3. Hand Paint a Pattern

If you have a little artistic talent and a steady hand, you don’t have to worry about not having a stencil. Drawing a pattern has a lot of options because you can draw whatever you wish. You just need to hand paint a design onto your furniture. But even without artistic skills, you can still come up with a fine work of art.

4. Add Textured Wallpaper

Adding texture is another very fine and creative way of adding life to old furniture. Different textured wallpapers can be purchased at hardware stores. If you opt for the paintable wallpapers, you can have the option of painting it to match your furniture. Think of turning that old boring bedside table with drawers into a fantastic item in your bedroom by adding textured wallpaper to give it a new look.

5. Upholster With a Fun Fabric

When we talk of fun fabric, think of something you love. This means colours and patterns, as well as the kind of material you prefer. If your old furniture requires new upholstery, consider a fun and exciting look. Solid or neutral colours will leave it looking as old as it was, so go for fun fabric and you will be surprised.

As you have seen, there are limitless possibilities to liven up your furniture. It doesn’t matter whether it’s kids reclining chairs you have had lying around for years or it’s something you just got from a thrift store. A little creativity can go a long way in making it awesome again. Give life to old furniture by using these budget-friendly DIY ideas and enjoy a whole new look.