Women have always wanted to lose weight but they’ve always found this quite difficult because of many different reasons. In order to be able to lose that unwanted weight, it’s necessary to find and join a program which works that way for you. This article will highlight all about the Cinderella Solution, which is very popular among those women who are trying to lose some pounds. This weight loss program was initiated by Carly Donovan, and just like the other women, she too fought to lose weight, even though she used to eat a low-carb, raw diet. Since such a diet didn’t work a lot, she started looking for something that would and then she created the program called Cinderella Solution. This system follows a two-level plan which permits you to easily lose your weight without any recurrent, boring cardiovascular disease and it leaves no carbs, therefore everyone enjoys eating.


What is the Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution is basically a program that combines very specific exercises with weight loss. These aren’t cardio exercises. Instead, these are rather unique exercises which actually go beyond the buttocks, abdominal tissue and hips. According to Carly Donovan, the creator of this program, three hormones are responsible for the increased weight in women, namely, cortisol, estrogens and insulin.

This was previously known as the “I.C.E. Dysfunction”. Obviously, these are the hormones which are the most active when women are about twenty years of age. This is the reason why women of about twenty years of age usually don’t have any problem with eating anything and everything and still losing weight. As the ageing progress occurs, these three hormones function really less and they also decrease in amount in the body. This results in weight loss. This is why; the Cinderella Solution was created as a cure to this problem.


How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

This is a 28-day plan which comprises of two phases. It begins with a phase called the Ignite phase which includes eating 3 meals per day for 14 days. The meals to be eaten have been written by the program’s creator who has made use of various food combinations which have proved to control the natural hormones and assist you in losing weight. The second phase is called the initial stage. This is where one can easily enjoy 4 meals per day. Each meal has been restructured to produce some special food arrangements. In fact, these are the exact food combinations that were used by Carly Donovan in her process of losing 84 pounds some years ago. Other than that, this program helps you lose weight as soon as possible.


What are the Benefits of Cinderella Solution?

There are many advantages of following the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program as mentioned below:

1.     Helpful for Everyone:

Among the best characteristics of Cinderella Solution is that it is appropriate for just about every woman who is overweight.

2.     Rapid Weight Loss:

This is an all-inclusive weight loss program which helps one to lose their extra unwanted pounds quite effectively and quickly.

3.     Scientifically Trustworthy:

This program comes with all the tips, information and advice in a handbook which are entirely based on a complete scientific research and evidence.

4.     Healthier Body:

With this weight loss program or system, you will be able to access a number of recipes which will assist you in preparing delicious and healthy meals to maintain a healthier body. Similarly, at Get Leaner Today you can find numerous well-researched diets that can guide through a weigh loss journey.

Pros and Cons of Cinderella Solution

Just like every program or system, Cinderella Solution too comes with its various pros and cons.


  • Cinderella Solution mentions that the users don’t need to join any exercise programs until they begin and follow this training solution.
  • The exercises recommended by this program are very easy to follow even for beginners.
  • This plan is available for everyone and at very reasonable prices.
  • It also comprises of a complete workout plan that emphasizes on those body parts where women want to lose most inches and gain some muscle tone.
  • Users don’t need to stick to any restricting food diet. For instance, it isn’t necessary to go on a carb-free diet completely.
  • The plan is written in a very easy language so it’s understandable by everyone.
  • This program utilizes many food combinations to assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.
  • This plan has been established by a fitness coach.
  • It even offers a money-back guarantee up to 60 days.


  • You might not achieve the desired results unless you’re following the given information.
  • The Cinderella Solution is only available online.
  • This program isn’t created for weight loss but it is actually created to encourage a speedy, yet a safe weight loss by making use of various strategies which rectify the users from inside and out.
  • This program was created only for women.

The Bonuses that Come with Cinderella Solution

This program comes with its

  • ‘Movement Sequencing Activity Guide,’
  • A ‘21-Day Kick Start Nutrition Guide,’
  • ‘Your Complete System’ and
  • ‘Quick Start Guide’



Cinderella Solution is a program which is specifically designed for women who wish to lose their excess weight by emphasizing on that stubborn adipose tissue. It is believed that the way this system works, is rather an effective method for doing this. The program basically comprises of a training plan which focuses on those areas of the body that make women most worried and unhappy about.

Are you finally ready to give it a try? Just in case you really are ready, you can order the program’s eBook online. You must not forget that you’ll even get the digital copies of their supporting books like the Cinderella University Permanent Weight Loss Guide, Quick Start Guide and even the Movement Sequencing Guide. Why would you want to miss out on such an offer? So hurry up, and grab it just