Perhaps, there is no person in the whole world who has not heard at least something about Chornobyl. The only question is: how much does a person know about it? A lot of students are learning more about this tragedy at school. Teaching about such horrific events raises awareness and helps to comprehend how dire the consequences of human negligence can be. What is more, those who are interested in the subject may have continued to study it at college or university. There are numerous documentaries about the catastrophe that occurred in 1986, as well as as a critically acclaimed TV series created and produced by HBO. Yet, there is also a documentary called Chornobyl 360 that allows you to explore the site using virtual reality technology commonly referred to as VR.

This documentary provides a unique opportunity to take a look at the locations of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone without the necessity of going to that place. If you are not quire sure whether you are ready to visit Chornobyl, this VR film is a great way to learn more about the aftermath of the catastrophe while staying at a place where you feel comfortable. What is more, not everyone has the opportunity to travel.  If you have VR gear at home, you can sit comfortably on your couch in the living room and observe the locations where the catastrophe happened.

This documentary is another reminder of how catastrophic human desire for power can be, especially when everything gets out of control. What is more, the film serves an educational purpose as viewing the aftermath of the explosion teaches you how to learn from past mistakes. In this documentary, you will also see the inhabitants who have refused to live the zone and have continued to live there despite it being dangerous. In addition, you will also find out more about local employees who do their best to make the place safer. Due to VR technology, you will feel like you are actually present there. It is a relatively new way of storytelling that is not often used in cinema. Yet, the potential of using VR in traditional and independent films is growing every day and the audience seems to enjoy having the variety of options to choose from when it comes to going to the cinema.

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