To begin with, Divi is a greatly popular WordPress theme today! Some of this popularity must be credited to the very fact that the creator of Divi, namely the Elegant, is literally the most famous and independent WordPress themes that are curently on the market. Therefore, it only makes clear sense that its flagship product is obviously very popular too.

However, other than that, it really needs to be admitted that Divi really does have an impressive theme for website design which packs so many different kinds of unique features and delivers them all in a package which is rather simple to comprehend even for the beginners in website designing. In fact, it is this beginner-friendly quality which becomes Divi’s greatest selling point.

What is Divi?

It has been just mentioned formerly that Divi is the flagship production of Elegant Themes. This is exactly what’s usually called as a mega theme. In fact, in other words, it is actually very similar to the standard WordPress theme, only that it is bigger and better. This is because Divi’s theme can serve many different purposes and suit any kind of a website. In general, no matter what kind of site a website-builder wishes to build, Divi can easily handle the task and any design. Furthermore, Divi is actually created keeping the ease for beginners in mind. Right from the scratch, that is the set-up process to the interface, as well as how one can take care of the various new updates in future, it has all been built in such a way that makes sure it’ll be easy for a complete beginner to get the hang of very soon.

To summarize it all

  • Divi is a fully functional theme for WordPress which works right out of the box. It does not require any specific installation methods beyond which you would require to do with some other WordPress theme.
  • Secondly, Divi does not even need for you to have any kind of website building expertise or advanced WordPress coding experience. For the most part of it, every kind of customization for Divi is actually available through a convenient user interface.
  • Most of your customizing can be done right on the front end by using the Divi theme for WordPress. This means that you can simply have a preview for yourself of what your website customizations will actually look like instead of just wondering or imagining the final look for that matter.
  • By using the Divi’s WordPress theme, you can easily build any kind of website designs or layouts virtually while still keeping the same theme in use.

To clarify the last mentioned feature about Divi, it can be stated that by being able to produce any kind of a design is basically the main feature of the mega theme genre. This means that Divi does not simply come up with a devoted plan per se, i.e., it does not force any styles or layouts on the user. What it really does is that it allows the users to tune things according to their likes or dislikes via the numerous options panels it has to offer. This is the quality of Divi which makes it truly versatile.


Divi vs. the Other Page Builders

Another thing which makes Divi superior to the other WordPress themes is that Divi can relate to the various other page builder solutions that are currently available on the market, particularly the builders like Beaver Builder or Elementor. After all, Divi theme is actually a solution which is a bit more comprehensive as compared to either Beaver Builder or Elementor. Therefore, Divi is literally summed up as the users’ ultimate all-in-one solution.

When it comes to making either Beaver Builder or Elementor work, for instance, the users basically require a completely separate WordPress theme as to go together with them. Therefore, in the end, you usually end up with a rather basic WordPress theme which serves as the ultimate shell which houses your Beaver or Elementor-built pages. If you want to know more about Elementor, you can check this elementor tutorial for beginners.

This is why Divi is just a lot more convenient than the other page builders. It offers a rather advanced page builder functionality which functions right out of the box as well as a theme in itself. Therefore, the user does not require any extra shell theme to achieve their final website plans.


Interesting Features of Divi

Some of the features have already been enlisted above, but a more comprehensive list would make things a lot easier for the users to understand:

  1. Divi can permit the users to build their sites in real time. This can be done by using their live preview option of everything that you’re doing on the page. No forms are needed to be filled. All you need to do is click ‘Save’ and later refresh your page so as to see if the effect is fine.
  2. Whatever is there on your page can be customized.
  3. Your text can simply be edited by a click-to-type manner which simply works like a document on MS Word.
  4. All the layouts are mobile responsive.
  5. You can use multiple columns, rows and content elements at your convenience.
  6. There are more than 20 pre-made layouts on Divi.
  7. The users can easily save their layouts and can import and export them so as to use them on other pages.
  8. You may also save your personal global elements. This can be useful for users that have something they’d like to use numerous times all over their site.
  9. Everything works very simply via the drag and drop options.


In all, it can simply be concluded that Divi is just the perfect choice for the do-it-yourself user. Just in case, one is not a coder, but would prefer being able to customize their page entirely on their own by a rather simple and clear user interface, then Divi really is just the option for you to be checking out right away!