How To Choose A Name For Your Digital Marketing Company

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Have you ever looked at a title and noticed it was catchy? Perhaps you suddenly felt the urge to read the article. That is because the writer did a great job of creating a catchy title. In fact, 80% of articles go unread if the reader’s attention was not captured in the title. That means that it’s important to think of a great eye-catching title that will capture your reader’s attention. Keep reading as our digital marketing agency explains exactly how to do this.


Make it mysterious

The first recommendation we have is to make it mysterious. This means that you are telling what the article or blog will be about but you are not giving away everything. One example of this is to tell them what they are missing. For example, if you are talking about health and you would be telling them the 5 things they need to do to get healthy, perhaps instead try and add some mystery to it and tell them the one thing they are missing in order to get healthy. This not only builds mystery but it keeps them thinking, what am I missing out on? I now should read this article to find out. Building mystery helps more people to read your writing.


Have numbers involved

People respond to numbers. Not the number that is written out, but the number as an actual number. For example, if you were to have a blog saying the four things you need to do in order to get fit. Our you may just have what you should do to get fit. This is not really telling a story. Sharing a number helps people to see it as a step. They suddenly see it as attainable. People see numbers are a step by step process that they are able to do. So if you are really struggling with coming up with a large title, try using a number and not just writing out the number, but really using the number.


Know your audience

How important is knowing your audience? It’s so important. This translates to choosing your title too. When you understand your audience and who you are marketing to, this will help you in knowing the kinds of words to say and even what to say in general. We are going to use the health coaching business again as a metaphor. If you are catering to women over 50 years old going through menopause, it could end up being a very different title than if your audience was women in their 30’s. Try and keep this in mind while you are choosing your title.


Make it something they can’t live without

What can your audience live without? The feeling of missing out is a powerful feeling and that is why you should try and capture it. In order to do this, you can try and get inside this emotion. What will happen if they don’t know this education? What will happen if they don’t read this article? Of course, don’t become too dramatic, but this can go a long way if you have something important to say in causing your audience in continuing to read.


Don’t have it too long

The next tip that we have is not having it too long. If it’s too long people will end up skipping right over it. Instead, talk about what is about quickly. Have it in around 10 words or less and make it catchy. Sometimes we see it being 2 sentences and when it’s that long you won’t capture your audience’s attention. Then they won’t even end up reading your title let alone your blog. This is something very important to keep in mind.


Show what it will be about

The final tip that we have is to ensure you tell your audience and readers what it is about. What is your article about. What will they learn? What should they be reading it? This is important because many times people have a catchy title but you don’t actually know the topic. What am I even going to be learning if I read this? Even if it is catchy, make sure that you talk about the true meaning you want readers to learn in the process.


As you can see, there are so many ways that you can make a catchy title. Keep these tips in mind and you will find so many more people reading your articles as a result.