Activation Lock Screen is not a problem anymore. iRemove Activation Lock Screen Bypass Software will handle with it just in few minutes and your iPhone or iPad will be activated. In addition, if your mobiles device is SIM locked and eligible for unlock, iRemove will also automatically unlock it to give you freedom to choose any carrier in any country.

The base of iRemove Activation Lock Screen Software is exploit Checkm8. As some may already know, Checkm8 uses Checkra1n jailbreak taking advantage of CPU level vulnerability detected in Apple’s chips A5-A11. This way, iRemove Software is capable to bypass activation lock on multiple Apple devices, including iPhones 5S up to X, as well as on some iPad models, including iPad Pro, as they all run on chips with this vulnerability.

The main benefit of Checkra1n and iRemove Software is that there is no way to remove the vulnerability their work is based on. The reason is that the vulnerability is on hardware level which allows both jailbreaking and bypassing. What we are trying to say is that even if you update iOS on your iPhone or iPad more than once, it will be bypassed by iRemove Software over and over again for free!

Successful activation lock bypass requires Checkra1n installation before iRemove Software usage. But the good news is that iRemove Activation Lock Screen Software already has Checkra1n inside. So iRemove Software is all you need to bypass activation lock on your iPhone or iPad.


What’s the difference between completely unlocked and activation lock bypassed iPhone or iPad?

You can use bypassed device until you reset it. Once you updated iOS on your iPhone or iPad or reset your Apple device for any other reason, activation lock will return. So, you’ll need to bypass it again. And huge advantage of iRemove Activation Lock Screen Software is that you can keep using it after each iOS update or reset for free!

iOS versions, iPhone and iPad models activation lock bypass with iRemove Software is supported for

iRemove Activation Lock Screen Software supports iOS 12.3 and higher.

iPhone models supported are: 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X.

iPad models supported are: iPad (Air 2, 5, 6, 7), iPad Pro (9.7, 12.9, 12.9 (2G), 10.5), and iPad mini (2, 3, 4).

Important Notice: iRemove Software will bypass activation lock screen on iPads without GSM modules and bring them into fully operable order. This means you can use your own Apple ID to install apps from App Store and use all the features of your device with zero restrictions.

Now, about iPads equipped with GSM or SIM modules. iRemove will activate GSM modules only on devices manufactured before 2017. If your device has GSM module but is made after 2017, iRemove will bypass activation lock but GSM module won’t be activated. This means that newer iPads won’t be able to detect SIM card inserted and mobile data will be unavailable for you. But you still can use your Apple ID and all other features of your bypassed device!

Regarding GSM modules activation on iPhones. They will be activated solely on GSM iPhone versions. Below you’ll find the list of iPhone models which will have all features available after bypass with iRemove Software, including GSM modules activated:

  • iPhone X (A1865)
  • iPhone 8 (A1905)
  • iPhone 8 Plus(A1897)
  • iPhone 7 (A1778)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (A1784)

Another advantage of iRemove Software is that these iPhones will also be automatically SIM Unlocked, or Carrier Unlocked, if they are eligible for unlock. So, you’ll have your iPhone activated and SIM Lock free which will allow you to use services of any carrier you want!

GSM modules on other iPhone models won’t be activated after activation lock screen bypass. So, making and receiving calls via GSM network, as well as mobile data usage, won’t be available. But all other features are at your service. You can use your Apple and iTunes ID, download any apps from App Store and so on. You can stay in touch by using FB, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, or any other app to make and receive calls, text via Internet and many other things!

Windows and Mac OS support

As yet, iRemove Activation Lock Screen Bypass Software supports Mac OS only. But iRemove dev team is continuously working on Windows version to release it as soon as possible.


How to make sure iRemove Software supports my iPhone or iPad?

This is easy to do by iRemove Software installation on your Mac.

Connect your locked iPhone or iPad to Mac and iRemove Software will recognize it and let you know if it’s supported for activation lock bypass. Only if it is supported, you’ll be redirected to the payment page where you will also find out if GSM module activation is possible.


Short step-by-step guide on activation lock bypass with iRemove Software:

1st Step: Use this link to Download iRemove Software from the official website: Download iCloud Unlock iRemove Software

2nd Step: Install iRemove App. Its first launch will require security settings by-passing which can be done as follows:

  • Go to Finder on Mac, find iRemove App.
  • Click on the iRemove icon while holding Control button, select Open in the context menu and click on Open.

Security settings will save iRemove app on the exclusion list and every next time you can launch it via double-click as a regular registered app.

3rd step: Connect locked iPhone or iPad to Mac. If you had no jailbreak on your device before, iRemove app will offer you to launch Checkra1n jailbreak. Click on “Run Checkra1n jailbreak” and follow on-screen instructions. At some point, app will ask you to put your device into DFU mode. Most likely, you won’t succeed on the first try. This is okay. Keep trying. Use the following link to find guide on how to put different iPhone or iPad models into DFU mode:

4th step: Once jailbreak is completed, your device will reboot. iRemove software will offer you to initiate activation lock bypassing process on the device. Click on “Start Bypass”. Wait till the process is completed.

After completion of activation lock bypassing process, insert SIM card with preset PIN code into the device. Activate your mobile device as new.

A video guide on how to bypass activation lock on iPhone and iPad with iRemove software is here: